Today begins the novena to Saint Joan of Arc, patron saint of France

Jasjot Singh

This May 21 begins the novena in honor of Saint Joan of Arc, a 19-year-old girl who died unjustly at the stake and who is the patron saint of France.

Saint Joan of Arc was born in Domrémy in the year 1412. She was unjustly tried and sentenced to the worst death of that time: being burned alive at the stake.

The story tells that, after executing the sentence against him, more than one returned home saying: “Today we have burned a saint“.

Twenty-three years later, the case of the young Joan of Arc was reopened and Pope Calixtus III appointed a commission that concluded that the sentence had been an injustice.

Joan of Arc was then declared innocent and Pope Benedict XV proclaimed her a saint.

His party is celebrated every May 30. Here we present a novena of preparation:

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