This has been the hottest night of Anabel Pantoja and Yulen in ‘Survivors 2022’

Max Yurva

It seemed that no, but the time has finally come when Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira have had more than an approach, giving free rein to their feelings. It has been since the program ‘Socialité’ from which it has been possible to know that they have gone one step further and have taken advantage of the night to do so, a very intimate moment between the two of them that had been playing hard to get for quite some time.

Yulen and Anabel Pantoja under the blanket in 'Survivors 2022'/ Photo: telecinco.esYulen and Anabel Pantoja under the blanket in ‘Survivors 2022’/ Photo:

Through these images you can sense that there has been something more than ‘handyman’ between them, and in the video you can see movement under the blanket that they have shared in the middle of the beach. The two have been very complicit, although without losing sight of the camera that has been very close following their latest movements. On the other hand, Anabel has not hesitated to make a confession as soon as she woke up, saying: “I slept very well”, in addition, her smile has not disappeared from her face.

But while she has not wasted time on the island of Honduras, neither has her ex-husband, Omar Sánchez, who very recently was very hurt in an interview alluding to this new illusion of Anabel Pantoja. Aware that they are no longer together, he admitted that it was inevitable for him not to feel a pang with things like this, however, the sadness did not last long, because he has been seen enjoying a plan in the sea with a young blonde.

Anabel and Yulen, very affectionate in 'Survivors 2022'/ Photo: telecinco.esAnabel and Yulen, very affectionate in ‘Survivors 2022’/ Photo:

“Anabel and I are no longer a couple, we are both free and for me she as a couple is over after what she is doing in ‘Survivors”, he said in the last interview, and he is taking it to the letter, letting himself go and forgetting everything that linked him to Isabel Pantoja’s niece.

without wasting time

After a day of classes at the sea, Omar Sánchez and this girl went to a terrace with other young people to have a drink, so in addition to having fitted in with the water activities that he teaches in his business, they have decided to give way to a friendship, which is not known if it will end up being something more.

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