They warn that the European Parliament could include unlimited abortion as a “right”

Jasjot Singh

Civil organizations denounce that the European Parliament votes this Thursday, July 7, on a resolution to add the non-existent “right to abortion” to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Specifically, it is proposed to create an article 7 bis in which it is stated that “Everyone has the right to a safe and legal abortion”, in response to the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to exclude abortion as a constitutional right. .

The chief adviser of the international organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) in Brussels, Adina Portatu, considers that this parliamentary movement is a “radical attempt” to put pressure on member countries to adopt “an extreme regimen (unlimited abortion during the nine months of pregnancy)”.

As detailed by Portatu, this claim is far from the interests and feelings of European citizens, as shown by a survey of 30 European countries whose conclusions establish that six out of seven citizens support some type of limit on abortion as a guarantee of protection for women. mothers and their children.

The resolution of the European Parliament, which it is not binding, “is fundamentally inaccurate and misleading” in Portaru’s opinion. In fact, “article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union defends the right to life for all”.

If the resolution were passed and in the future incorporated into European Community legislation, the European Union would be on a par with countries like China or North Korea in terms of human rights.

“Each government has the sovereign right to protect the most vulnerable in their countries: those in the womb. Women deserve better than abortion”, stresses the ADF delegate in Brussels.

Portaru considers that “a Europe truly committed to human rights is one that respects and protects both lives in a pregnancy, supporting both the mother and the child”.

About 75 thousand signatures against the resolution

For its part, the international platform CitizenGO has promoted a campaign in recent hours directed at the presidents of the conservative parliamentary groups in the European Parliament to vote against the “ultra-abortion resolution”.

According to CitizenGO, the promoters of the parliamentary abortion initiative “run to take refuge after the historic victory of the United States in defense of the right to life. They fear that the provident revolution will destroy their pro-death legislation in Europe as well.”

“The ideology, the obsession and the fury with which the abortion groups carry out their battle are proof of the demonic root of abortion,” they conclude.

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