They denounce that “trans” Barbie seeks sexual perversion of children

Jasjot Singh

Talis Romero, a young pro-life and pro-family leader in Puerto Rico, denounced that the new “trans” Barbie from the Mattel company seeks the “sexual perversion of children.”

Romero, from the “Rescando laIdentidad” initiative, commented with ACI Prensa on the recent launch of the new “trans” Barbie, with which Mattel pays tribute to Laverne Cox, a transsexual who identifies as a woman and who, in addition to acting, is an activist of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) lobby.

Supposedly in the name of inclusion this Barbie would make the LGBTQ+ collective (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, queer and more) feel part of society,” said Romero.

In its press release, Mattel explains that this new Barbie, part of the Barbie Tribute Collection, can be ordered online, has a cost of 40 dollars and several ways to dress.

“I wonder,how many christian barbies are there? Because if this is in the name of inclusion, LGBTQ+ represent approximately between 5 and 7% of the world population, while Christians make up 83% of the world population,” Romero questioned.

“However, we see LGBTQ Barbies, but not a Christian Barbie,” said the young woman who also belongs to the Provida Puerto Rico group.

“That’s when you realize it’s not about inclusion and diversity, it’s more about it is about continuing the sexual perversion of children”, he sentenced.

Expert psychiatrist: You are not born with the wrong body

Dr. María José Mancino, an Argentine psychiatrist and member of Doctors for Life, told ACI Prensa that “there are no facts or discoveries to date, neither medical, nor psychological, nor of the sciences of geneticsthat says that we are born in another body or in a wrong body, or that sexual identity is felt or can vary”.

“We are born men or women. There are two sexes, we are binary. There are not five, nor 112. From genetics, chromosomes are XX (female) or XY (male)”, highlighted the Argentine expert.

In this sense, the specialist highlighted the importance of educating children, with facts and foundation, to confront the prevailing gender ideology in today’s society.

“We must emphasize the truth, in teaching the joy of married life, of giving life, generating a family, of knowing how healthy it is emotionally and psychologically to accept ourselves as we are,” he stressed.

gender ideology

Dr. Mancino also said that “we have to shed light on the truth and know what gender ideology is about, what it intends to achieve with manipulation in different areas.”

Gender ideology is a current that considers that the sex is not a biological reality but a sociocultural constructionsomething that different governments try to impose through the education of children and young people.

The expert told ACI Prensa that “in the case of the world of Barbie, the male character, Kent, has not been found for a long time, but a transsexual Barbie has been.”

The Argentine psychiatrist encouraged not to enter “in the game of excessively sensitive thinking from a group of people, which is not logical and is lacking in common sense.”

To delve a little deeper into the subject, the expert recommended reading the books “An irreversible damage” by Abigail Shrier, and “No one is born in a wrong body” by José Errasti and Marino Pérez Álvarez.

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