They celebrate 75 years of the apparition in Rome of the Virgin of Revelation

This April 12 marks the 75th anniversary of a Marian apparition in Rome. It is the invocation of the Virgin of Revelation that is venerated in the Santuario delle Tre Fontane (Sanctuary of the three fountains) located in the Italian capital.

The rector of this Marian sanctuary, Mons. Renato Tarantelli, told ACI Prensa that it is a place much loved by the Romans. Although “it does not seem to be one of the most well-known shrines and it is not very big in appearance, it is really in the hearts of the people who come here every day and tell the story of how they got here, almost by chance or brought by their parents. when they were kids,” he said.

“It is a sanctuary where everyone feels at home. The main characteristic of this place is the deep peace that it transmits to people who often come in a state of agitation or concern, bringing a prayer to the feet of Mary. The people who come here always receive a profound consolation, and in the six months that I have been rector I have experienced it almost daily”, indicated Msgr. Tarantelli.

In addition, the Italian priest recalled that the 75th anniversary of the first Marian apparition occurs when “we are spending a long period of prayer, for more than a month, dedicating above all our personal and community offerings to the terrible time of war we are experiencing, imploring a peace that arises from a personal peace between men in order to reach a peace between nations, which is one of the fundamental issues that Our Lady spoke about in this place, precisely avoiding a nuclear war and asking for a conversion of the heart” .

“The fundamental message of the apparition in ‘le Tre Fontane’ is to show us the goal to which we are called, that is, life in God, just as Mary Assumed into Heaven already lives it. A fundamental part of the message of ‘le Tre Fontane’ is also that of showing us the path to reach that goal and that end, a path that is Mary herself, imitating her and following her we are sure of reaching Jesus”, said Bishop Renato.

Then the principal explained that the three central parts of this sanctuary are “the Eucharist, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the prayer for the Holy Father”.

In this sense, Monsignor Tarantelli affirmed that this Marian place is dedicated in a special way to prayer for the Pontiff, since the Virgin Mary appeared “to a man who planned to harm the Holy Father and the Church, and his conversion It led him to be an obedient son and to place the figure of the Pope at the center, as unity among peoples, which is one of the central points for peace among nations”.

History of the apparition of the Virgin of Revelation

In 1947, Bruno Cornacchiola, an anti-Catholic activist who planned the assassination of Pope Pius XII, said that the Virgin had appeared to him several times.

The Mother of God appeared to Bruno in a grotto that remains intact in the Santuario delle Tre Fontane. According to the accounts of the apparitions, Mary told him: “I am the Virgin of Revelation. You chase me; now enough, return to the holy fold, which is the heavenly Court on earth…”

After this, Bruno went from being a persecutor of the Church to its faithful defender. News of his miraculous appearance and conversion spread quickly, and the grotto became a place of pilgrimage and grace.

Bruno testified that the Mother of God wore a white dress tied with a belt of roses, and that she was covered in a green mantle from head to toe. A statue of the Virgin was sculpted and blessed on October 5, 1947 by Pope Pius XII in Saint Peter’s Square, from where it was transported to the sanctuary.

In 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II gave the sanctuary its current name: Santa María del Tercer Milenio en las Tres Fuentes.

Until his death in 2001, Bruno continued to proclaim another 28 apparitions that are now being examined by the ecclesiastical authorities, although the Diocese of Rome has allowed pilgrimages to continue to the grotto where it also plans to build a large sanctuary.

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