The worrying sequel to Ivana Icardi after being a mother

Max Yurva

Ivana Icardi has wanted to share an experience that has to do with her motherhood through her Mtmad channel, revealing that she is very concerned about one of the consequences she suffers after being a mother for the first time. The influencer has also made it known that since then her body has changed a lot.

One of the things that has stood out is that he has lost 10 kilos, but that is not what worries him, but there is one more thing since he has a physical sequel that has to do with the pelvic floor. “Now I pee and I have to go to the bathroom yes or yes. It’s very uncomfortable, I’ve been leaving it and it’s something that worries me,” she said, a problem for which many women even end up going through the operating room.

At this time, she has decided to take what is happening to her more seriously, and although she has focused on recovering from childbirth, she has recognized that above all she has focused on looking good physically, but there are other things that are also important. Now his goal is to get well and he wants to be able to strengthen his pelvic floor.

Ivana Icardi showing her navel/ Photo: MtmadIvana Icardi showing her navel/ Photo: Mtmad

On the other hand, her navel and her belly have undergone a notable change, which is why she has said: “My navel was not like that before and I have developed stretch marks.” And the thing is that the hole in the piercing that he was wearing has taken over and he doesn’t like how he is at all. Also, of his chest he has said: “It’s like an anti-stress ball”, taking it with great humor.

His daughter, the center of his life

However, leaving aside these changes and concerns, his life is really centered on little Giorgia, for whom he has been devoting himself since birth. In the few months that she has been alive, she has had to deal with the separation of her daughter’s father, Hugo Sierra, with whom she tries to get along for the little girl’s sake, what’s more, she decided to live in Mallorca so that the girl can be this way close to his father.

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