The Walking Dead: Rick’s Series Needs to Solve These 6 Mysteries

As long as The Walking Dead is coming to an end, the franchise is preparing to launch several other spin-off series. In addition to the spinoffs that already exist, four new spinoffs are joining the franchise. They will follow Daryl, Maggie and Negan, Rick and Michonne and with it an anthology of new and familiar characters.

There are still many doubts for the spinoff of The Walking Dead by Rick and Michonne. It was first announced as a trilogy of films in 2018, but the project was scrapped. Shortly thereafter, an announcement made at SDCC 2022 revealed that Rick’s story would continue in a six-episode limited series.

The series does not yet have a name, but its premiere will be in 2023. Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, are ready to reprise their roles as Rick and Michonne.

Six episodes will not be enough, to resolve so much left by The Walking Thead. But, the spinoff is sure to hook its fans for every second. There is still no confirmed plot for the series, although AMC has described the series as “an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world”. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of loose threads from the original series that the spinoff series will have to tie up.

What happened to Rick Grimes from The Walking Thead?

Rick’s departure from The Walking Dead in season 9 was one of the show’s biggest departures. Despite revealing that Rick is alive, after the bridge explosion, his family was left recovering from his supposed death. However, fans were left wondering about his fate.

For the spinoff to follow Rick’s story, the first mystery to solve is what happens to him from the moment he was taken away by the Civic Republic to the moment he is reunited with Michonne. Everyone wants to know what kind of state Rick is in, after all, six years have passed since Rick joined CRM and walked away from his friends.

Did he align himself with CRM loyalty, or did he keep his fighting spirit? Now, the spinoff will have to reveal what happened to Rick over the years in The Walking Dead that could have caused him to stay in his current state.

Who did Michonne meet in her latest episode of The Walking Dead?

Image: Disclosure/AMC

Michonne, upon discovering that there were possibilities for Rick, the love of her life, to be alive, left the communities and her children behind to pursue Rick’s tracks in Season 10, Episode 13.

After returning to her origins, she comes across some survivors who are in danger. So she asks for your help in reaching her people, who were a very large group of survivors, changing a pattern similar to what the walkers have demonstrated before.

The mystery behind who these people are, whether they are friends or foes, is something that will have to be addressed very early on in the series. That’s because this is the last moment Michonne in The Walking Dead. However, the story, in the quest to reunite Michonne with Rick, will be taken up again in the spin-off.

What is CRM doing globally?

The original series slowly revealed information about the Civic Republic, but there are still several mysteries. Nobody knows about its influence in the world. However, in World Beyond, we see the possibility of CRM involvement, or even being based in a European nation, like France.

The main foundation of CRM, called “The Hidden City”, remains a mystery. Finding the city would be a perfect task for Michonne, considering that’s where Rick is. CRM is a network unlike any other seen in The Walking Dead. However, its helicopters have already been proven capable of traveling abroad.

In turn, considering his work in biological research and advanced military tactics, there’s so much more to discover about the antagonist and the most powerful couple in the series, it’s the perfect choice to unlock the secrets of CRM.

Rick and Michonne are going to reunite with old friends from The Walking Dead?

Over the years of surviving the apocalypse, Rick and Michonne have created a family, found in those who fought alongside them. After Rick disappeared without a trace, those closest to him, especially Daryl, who he called his brother, never gave up hope of finding him.

As the characterse The Walking Dead started to go their own ways and with that their respective spinoffs, it remains to be seen whether or not the series will have the meeting between Rick and those he loves. Seeing Rick meet up with Judith and RJ, who he doesn’t know, would be a beautiful scene. This is especially so as Judith increasingly follows her deceased brother, Carl.

Daryl remains unaware that Rick is still alive after his years of grieving and loyalty, which is heartbreaking and takes a toll on the character and the bond between these two brothers. Doing justice to Rick’s story, the spinoff must abort whether or not Rick is reunited with his loved ones.

Who is Major General Beale?

The Walking Dead Needs to Answer Questions in Spinoff
Image: Disclosure/AMC

The Walking Dead, delivers one of the biggest mysteries within the enigma that is the CRM, which is the Major General of the Armed Forces of the Civic Republic. However, to date, Beale has yet to be seen. Those below him, however, like Jadis and Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, have sworn allegiance to his leadership.

Seeing behind the scenes, Beale is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, moreover, is partially responsible for the introduction of Project Votus. To get the right reward for slowly building Beale’s identity, the Major General would reveal himself. And with that, likely starring as the main antagonist, in the Rick and Michone spinoff series.

What happened to Heath?

The Walking Dead, has many characters, and in very dangerous conditions, it’s no surprise that the series is often losing characters to a cruel fate. However, few characters disappear from the series without any kind of explanation.

Heath was one of the series’ fan-favorite characters. Then there was a mix-up, Heath disappeared without a trace in the series this only to be confirmed later in the series that he was captured by Jadis and traded to CRM.

Even though Heath doesn’t play a major role in the Rick and Michonne series, his fate is a mystery the spinoff needs to solve to do Heath’s character justice.

So, do you think the series needs to answer these questions of The Walking Dead?

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