The Virus which is 70% Deadly than COVID-19: Everything We Know About Nipah Virus

Subhashree Panda

Where the world is trying to accustom with the Endemic COVID-19 and follow the New Normal, India faces a new constraint of the outbreak of a much deadlier virus than COVID named Nipah Virus which is capable of taking the life of 3 people out of 4 which is calculated is approximately 75% fatal than a present virus. Now that the world lives in constant terror of the virus hovering over everyone, India has to pay utmost attention to this virus and take extra care that this doesn’t outbreak.

The Nipah Virus was first diagnosed in a 12-year old boy who unfortunately died on 5th September 2022 after battling this virus for quite a long time. Immediate actions were taken when the government initiated contact tracing and 180 people were quarantined instantly. Now, particularly in Kerala, India is stumbling upon this virus and both the State Government and the Union Government are implementing enough measures including lockdown in many red zone areas to contain this virus which proves to be deadly fatal, much more vicious than COVID.

Nipah Virus Cases and Reported Deaths

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If we talk about the reported deaths, only one boy mentioned above died on 5th September 2022, doctors suspect that he contracted this virus because of the intake of contaminated Rambutan Fruits. There’s not enough evidence but the virology department is conducting research and one possible clue is that the Bats feed on Rambutan Fruits. As of now, 188 people are quarantined after the contact tracing was done and out of them, there were relatives, parents, and family members most of the deceased boy. The sad part is two healthcare workers have already contracted the virus and are having the symptoms of the Nipah Virus. The Government chose not to reveal the boy’s name.

Pathogenesis of Nipah Virus 

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Nipah Virus is a zoonotic virus which means it can be transmitted from both animals and individuals. The Bats which feed on Fruits are active animal reservoirs. If ever, a person gets contacted by Nipah Virus, the initial stage of infection is the virus first resides in the epithelial tissue of bronchiole, then secondly it spreads from bronchiole to alveoli and bronchi. The Virus then gets disseminated in the blood to travel to the Brain, Kidney, or Spleen.

As a result of which, the virus first causes breathlessness, nausea, dizziness, vomiting because it spreads to the lungs. It then attacks the brain and causes mental instability and severe headache. Then it causes Urinary Disorders as it attacks the Kidneys.

As of now, the close family members and relatives of the boy have been tested negative which provides breathing space for Kerala Government. However, virologists are continuously conducting surveys, experiments, and research to know the root cause. They suspect the Rambutan Fruits on which the Bat feeds.



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