The unexpected last step of Rocío Carrasco before the inauguration of the Rocío Jurado museum in Chipiona

Max Yurva

The big day is about to arrive. Next Saturday, June 2 at 9:30 p.m., the Rocío Jurado museum will finally be inaugurated in Chipiona, one of the last wishes of the artists before her death in 2006. An opening that will be carried out by one of the the most important people for her, her daughter and universal heiress, Rocío Carrasco, and the town council, totally dedicated to him. But before this, the also daughter of Perro Carrasco will take a new step in the media: sit on the set of ‘Friday Deluxe’.

Rocío Carrasco will be the protagonist of the night this Friday, July 1 on Telecinco, attending for the first time as a guest on ‘Viernes Deluxe’, a program in which the father of her children, Antonio David Flores, collaborated for years and from where on repeated occasions several members of her media family talking about her helping to build that imaginary of ‘bad mother’ that she denounced in ‘Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive’ and the one that plunged her into a deep depression.

Rocío Jurado with her daughter Rocío CarrascoRocío Jurado with her daughter Rocío Carrasco

Now, risen from its ashes like the Phoenix, it will sit on the set to continue demonstrating the alleged lies that have been told -in this case- about the Rocío Jurado museum in recent years. And it is that Rocío Carrasco was pointed out by her family in recent years as the culprit that the largest and most important tribute of Rocío Jurado could not be carried out, thus not fulfilling one of her last wishes. On the other hand, it seems that this opening of the museum is still closely related to the cornerstone of the family breakup: Rocío Jurado’s will.

Next Saturday, July 2 at 9:30 p.m.

And it is that while the Ortega-Mohedano continued to speak publicly, from her silence Rocío Carrasco had already put the machinery to work to launch this project. It was in January 2020, a year before the premiere of her documentary series, when the artist’s daughter signed an agreement with the Chipiona City Council to open the museum. A signing that took place after the local government itself solved its economic problems with the Junta de Andalucía and that, for years, had overshadowed the museum project during the years that Amador Mohedano was at the forefront.

Gloria Camila, Rocío and David Flores, Gloria and Amador Mohedano in a tribute to Rocío JuradoGloria Camila, Rocío and David Flores, Gloria and Amador Mohedano in a tribute to Rocío Jurado

In it, Rocío Carrasco not only declared herself the sole beneficiary of the family of what was earned from its opening, but also once again became the owner of everything that had to do with her mother in the town, thus forcing everything whatever is done in her honor must be approved by her. Something that left her media family in check, which, for years, had been organizing tributes and even cultural weeks on behalf of Rocío Jurado, something that would thus attack the image rights of ‘the greatest’ that belong exclusively to Rocío Carrasco.

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