The tributes on the anniversary of the death of Mila Ximénez: toasting her and remembering her

Max Yurva

It has been a year since Mila Ximénez left forever as a result of tragic lung cancer. It was on June 23, 2021 when her friends experienced her worst moment, having to carry out a ‘Save me’ program where they paid tribute to her at every moment for the very hard loss that her departure entailed. Now that a year has passed, they have wanted to pay several tributes to remember her and honor her memory.

On the one hand, in ‘Sálvame’ they wanted to go to one of the most special places for her, the famous bar ‘La Muralla’, which is located at the gates of Mediaset and in which so many moments have been lived. Live, María Patiño, Kiko Hernández and the other collaborators went to the bar and called Belén Esteban, because she could not be absent: “It is a sad day for all of us but what I have learned this year is that I want to remember Mila with joy. Although she has been very protesting, that we have all suffered, I always remember her with the same smile. ”

María Patiño speaking with Belén Esteban |  Photo: telecinco.esMaría Patiño speaking with Belén Esteban | Photo:

He also alluded to moments spent with her: “I have to say that our table of Kiko Matamoros, Mila, Kiko Hernández and I, although I did not belong to the axis of evil, I felt like the axis of evil because I listened to everything and It covered everything. I also want to remember his accomplices behind the scenes who have been Rocío and Cristina. We have had such good afternoons, we have cried, we have laughed, they have given us so many … It is true that whenever we go we remember her. ”

In addition, in the afternoon Terelu Campos shared a photograph on social networks in which she could be seen accompanied by Laura Fa, María Patiño, Rocío and Belén Esteban, who even in a wheelchair, has come to ‘La Muralla’ to toast with them in honor of Mila Ximénez: “As she would like us to be!!! I love you to infinity! For you friend, love!” Terelu wrote next to the image.

The tribute of Jorge Javier Vázquez

The one who had not yet spoken about it had been Jorge Javier Vázquez but it was in ‘Survivors’ where he wanted to remember his great friend, to whom he wanted to dedicate the program: “Will you allow me one thing? Besides, I know that It will give Kiko and Anabel strength especially. A year ago today, Mila Ximénez, a contestant on ‘Survivors’, left, and I would like to dedicate today’s program to her.”

Jorge Javier remembers Mila Ximénez |  Photo: telecinco.esJorge Javier remembers Mila Ximénez | Photo:

“I mean Mila, wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying this edition of ‘Survivors’ that Kiko Matamoros and Anabel are there. I hope you give them strength now,” he concluded excitedly. Lara Álvarez also dedicated a few words to Mila Ximénez: “I join that dedication. Great Mila, always. The other day we remembered her on the bridge of emotions. She is always with us.” Eternal, Mila.

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