The son of Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez, admitted to the hospital for his illness

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The couple’s son has returned to the hospital to treat another of the problems derived from the rare disease he suffers from.

The son of Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez, admitted to the hospital for his illness

Lidia Pinilla Villuendas

28 May 2022

Aurah Ruiz has shared bad news with all her followers in relation to Nyan, the son she has in common with the soccer player Jesé Rodríguez. The little one has had to be treated again in the hospital. This occurs after he made public that his son suffers from a rare incurable disease and that it is serious in terms of neurology. This problem suffered by his son has made him have to be constantly on alert.

Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez walking in 2016 in ParisAurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez walking in 2016 in Paris

Although she has not explained the reason why her son has to be treated by medical personnel again, the former ‘Big Brother VIP 6’ contestant has sent a message of strength to Nyan in her Instagram stories: ” Does it sound like it? Well, that’s the same. Come on, my love, if you could with everything, with this more. We love you Nyan”, Jesé’s partner has written in this very complicated situation.

On her Mtmad channel, Aurah wanted to clarify Nyan’s illness: “Both Jesé and I have the same mutated gene. The boy has inherited that gene but his body does not respond. Genetically, Jesé and I are not compatible. The doctors They came to say surprised that if we were family, “confessed the influencer who appeared tired in the photos on her Instagram.

Jesé Rodríguez and Aurah Ruiz get engaged in DubaiJesé Rodríguez and Aurah Ruiz get engaged in Dubai

The influencer has used her social networks to inform her followers of the child’s condition, reassuring them and showing her son, who is already better: “We are watching TV,” said Aurah. In addition, to find a solution to her son’s illness, Aurah has traveled to different places trying to find something that will help her son have a better quality of life.

More united than ever

Both Jesé and the influencer are focused on trying to ensure that their son suffers as little as possible and they work together so that this can be possible. Both are currently together and very much in love, showing that, despite the problems they have been through, the health and well-being of their son is what matters most to them. In addition, Aurah has shown on her social networks how optimistic she is about her son and the strength it gives her to see him improve.


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