The reasons for the breakup of Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco

Once it became clear that the relationship between Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores was a fact, everyone was waiting for the steps that were taken in a romance that has been very controversial from the beginning for a number of reasons. But she was sorry to whom she was sorry, they seemed to be in love and willing to fight against all odds so that their next courtship would go ahead. However, they have not succeeded.

Marta Riesco at the celebration of her 35th birthdayMarta Riesco at the celebration of her 35th birthday

The former collaborator and the reporter ended their love story coinciding with the moment in which they were going to take the big step: officially present themselves as a couple. Marta Riesco had announced with great fanfare that Antonio David Flores was going to accompany her at her birthday celebration. The man from Malaga did not show up and the relationship was terminated.

What happened between them to get so far? To answer that question, a friend of Antonio David Flores spoke with Marisa Martínez Blázquez, who later commented on the causes of the breakup on ‘El Programa de AR’. It was not easy because Pepe del Real and Paloma Barrientos constantly interrupted her, so the journalist had to make it clear that she was not Antonio David Flores, that she was simply transmitting information with which she could agree or disagree, and that What he wanted was for them to let him speak and then they would comment.

Marisa Martín-Blázquez talks about the breakup of Antonio David and Marta RiescoMarisa Martín-Blázquez talks about the breakup of Antonio David and Marta Riesco | Photo:

“For some time now, he was overwhelmed by the drift that his relationship with Marta was taking. He agreed to do the cover with her, but under pressure because Marta finally wanted to start living that normal life and let it be known that they were together and do that cover,” commented Marisa Martín-Blázquez.

“Marta says publicly that she wants to get married and have children, something that, knowing the situation, still overwhelms her. He is overwhelmed again by having to appear at a photocall and acknowledge that relationship in public, he wanted to go more little by little , slower and not showing off so much. The culmination of all this comes when Marta says in ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ that the relationship is over. This person who knows him says that it has come to him that he didn’t even paint, and he already said it Rocío Flores, who he has hit. He has chaos in his head. He has his family from Malaga on the one hand, not his ex-wife, who does not paint anything, “he added.

Antonio David Flores during one of his visits to MadridAntonio David Flores during one of his visits to Madrid

“With all these circumstances that go too fast for him and overwhelm him, he arrives in Malaga, he snaps, thinks: ‘I have my family in Malaga, the one I love is in Madrid, everything is very complicated for me.’ overwhelmed and does not know what to do”, ended Marisa Martín-Blázquez, who also wanted to make it clear that it is not true that Olga Moreno forbade her to go to Marta Riesco’s birthday party.

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