The reason why Terelu Campos ended her relationship with Makoke comes to light

For a long time it has been more than evident that there has been a distance between Terelu Campos and Makoke, especially when they coincide on the set of ‘Viva la vida’, where both are collaborators. After having already starred in a little face-to-face live days before, finally last Saturday, March 19, everything came to light. And the main reason for this break seems to have a name and surname: Alejandra Rubio.

As José Antonio Avilés brought to light, the ex-wife of Kiko Matamoros and the granddaughter of María Teresa Campos would have had a tense off-camera confrontation some time ago during an advertisement for ‘Viva la vida’: “They go out for something from Ana [Anita Matamoros] and Alejandra shows her face for Kiko [Matamoros] and later also by Ana”, something that would not be of the sympathy of his partner, who left the set directly to Alejandra Rubio “like a bull in miura”, comments the collaborator.

A clash between Makoke and Alejandra

“Other colleagues and I told him: ‘Makoke, you have an age to refer to her who is younger,'” was the reproach made by other collaborators for the behavior he was having with Carmen Borrego’s niece, with whom he was very upset by a comment she had made about her ex-husband. To these words of José Antonio Avilés other collaborators of the set wanted to add, who were witnesses of everything that happened.

Terelu Campos and Makoke, faced on set |  Photo: Telecinco.esTerelu Campos and Makoke, faced on set | Photo:

This fact would also have been the reason why Terelu Campos would have been upset with the one who was her friend one day, I prefer to distance myself by not considering that this is an attitude that she has to have, and less with her daughter. Instead, while this was being discussed on set, the daughter of María Teresa Campos preferred to remain silent, although her facial expressions seemed to speak for her.

For her part, the only words she finally wanted to utter were in a more conciliatory tone, although equally worrying for Makoke when she discovered that not only that would have been the reason why her partner decided to stop being her friend: “The reason is not a The only reason. They are circumstances of life, nothing more. And I am not going to say it publicly, “he blurted out, trying to end this moment in front of the cameras.

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