The Quarry, the worthy heir of Until Dawn | Review

At the exit of The caveexactly like that of all the chapters of the Anthology of dark imagesit is inevitable to immediately make a comparison with Until dawnhit title developed by Supermassive games. An always merciless confrontation, whether you look at it from a narrative, structural or playful point of view. The work of 2015 released on PlayStation 4 he was able to kidnap everyone for a mature story, engaging to explore and satisfying in solving the mystery.

Well, for the first time in seven years, we are finally faced with an equally successful title. We do not hide that we were pleasantly satisfied with The Quarry. Probably more than we could have expected.

But let’s go step by step.


Once the game is started we will follow the story of a group of tutors from the summer camp of Hackett’s quarry. Forced to stay one more night on campus after the end of the teaching period, the children will find themselves faced with mysterious creatures, a family with a less than kind manner and the curse of a witch that weighs on the woods. Over the course of the campaign lasting about twelve hours, different types of horror stories intertwine, highlighting once again Supermassive Games’ knowledge of this specific narrative genre.

The characters are all potentially interesting and will mature based on the decisions we make them. In the group it definitely stands out Kaitlyn Ka (Brenda Song), Ryan Erzahler (Judge Smith) And Jacob costs (Zach Tinker), but each of them has a good reason for wanting to stay alive. Honorable mention a Chris Hackett and the local sheriff, respectively interpreted by David Arquette (He shouted) Well yes Ted Raimi (Ash vs Evil Dead). The dialogues are also excellent which, while remaining in the sphere of B-Film horror, they often got us a few laughs.

But most important of all, The Quarry has a complete and flawless story. Simple perhaps, but functional to the type of story staged. The different endings we have reached have always seemed to us consistent with the actions we have taken and you really have the feeling that you have shaped your own destiny.


From a playful point of view, The Quarry does not innovate and does not surprise, but it does not need to do it. We are once again faced with a title that pushes us to make plot decisions and make fewer mistakes QTE possible. Nothing more and nothing less.

The camera remains a bit too limiting in some shots, but clear steps have been taken compared to the recent House of the Asheswhere we often found ourselves stuck in the walls. Once again, moreover, the collectibles are inserted with great attention, allowing us to discover parallel storylines and deepen the lore of the game world. Wandering around the field of Hackett’s Quarry is really interesting and the rewards that can be found are absolutely worth the effort to explore every single nook and cranny.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, the narrative plots seemed to us to be really successful, but we admit that we were not very happy at the idea of ​​not being able to skip the movies during the runs following the first. This would have allowed us to proceed more quickly in an attempt to complete the game 100%, avoiding to review scenes already seen or too similar to each other.

Kudos to the devs for putting in a couple of really successful extra modes. On the one hand we have the Cinema mode which generates random events, allowing us to enjoy the title as if it were a very long film, on the other hand Cooperative mode. Playing The Quarry with your friends is perhaps the best way to enjoy this videogame experience. Each player is assigned characters, which must be guided exclusively by their “owner”. The decisions made will change the balance of the plot and risk killing the tutors of other users, with consequent anxiety and tension. A perfect work for a weekend of fear, to be enjoyed in small doses.

The cave


From a technical point of view, The Quarry has often left us speechless. Despite some slightly subdued facial animations (but only of some characters), the glance is sensational. You really get the impression of living an interactive film, thanks also to excellent plays of light and a truly successful polygonal modeling.

The sound sector is also splendid, presenting an almost always perfect Italian dubbing and, above all, an impeccable audio mixing. We went through the whole adventure without activating the subtitles and never once did we not understand what the actors said. A result that, as lovers of dubbing in video games will know, is absolutely not to be taken for granted.

The Quarry is, at the moment, the pinnacle of Supermassive Games’ career. A fun, long-lived, replayable title able to make us spend several hours of fun alone or in company. If you love the horror genre you cannot miss this little gem, especially if you intend to play it with your friends. Of course, some such defects remain, but it doesn’t matter when the result is so good. We hope that this is the restart of the English team and that another seven years will not pass to review a game of this level.


Type of game

The Quarry is an interactive horror adventure, where your decisions will change the course of events.

How it was played

The title was played on Xbox Series X thanks to a code courtesy of the Italian Publisher.

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