The Pursuit of Love Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need to Know

Lakshay Saini

The Pursuit of Love is a BBC original show which is also present on Prime Video. The storyline of this love affection show is based on a girl who is finding her Mr. Perfect. The search is not going to be as easy as she thought. Many obstacles come in her way of finding her perfect love partner. Season 2 is going to be an amazing, full of romance season in which many moments will cross the path with Linda.

Let’s Recap

The first season is a big hit on the continents of India and Australia. Makers are now focusing on making season 2 worldwide famous. Fans are waiting to see the story on track in season 2. In the previous season, the introduction and search beginning of finding a life partner. Linda, the lead character, wants to date a person who understands her the way she understands herself. The star cast has played their role full of energy and enthusiasm which is seen in season 1.

The Pursuit of Love

Expected Cast and Release Date

This series is already released on Prime Video which is a surprise and a big relief for the fans. It was released on 30, July 2022. Fans can see their favorite series and characters on Prime Video. All the lead characters are coming back to play their role in season 2 also. You can watch all the episodes in one go.

The Pursuit of Love

Expected Fan Plot-line

The plot-line of season 2 is in the continuation of season 1. You can watch the storyline on your own on the Prime Video as this season is already released. Major questions which are left answered in the first season have got their satisfied simplification. Characters have delivered one of the best performances in season 2.


The release date of season 2 was 20, July 2022 and it is already been released on Prime Video. You can watch the seasons with all the episodes in one go. All the star cast have made come back in this season also.


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