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when music fans meet for the first time Jonny Greenwood, It was the lead guitarist and keyboardist for Radiohead, a breakthrough rock band that challenged genres and wowed critics.It wasn’t until 2003 that Greenwood composed his first score for the film body song Thus changing the scope of movie ratings in the years to come. Greenwood worked with the director on several films, Paul Thomas Anderson, which has led him to many musical successes and award nominations.Jonny Greenwood is nominated for a 2022 Oscar dog powerand become the composer of both Spencer and Licorice Pizzait’s clear that Greenwood is still a moment in the movie’s soundscape.

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Dog Power (2021)

Image via Netflix

A score so powerful, it gives the audience a visceral sense of what the characters are going through. dog power Essentially the ultimate slow burn, it needs a soundtrack to reiterate and accentuate the film’s deep emotions. Greenwood scored exactly that. dog power There’s great acting, directing, and cinematography, but it’s Greenwood’s score that drives the atmosphere, sending the audience writhing in their seats while all the visuals are of a boy cutting a hide. Using dissonant notes and uneven string compositions (Greenwood’s main work), Greenwood’s score brings an already shocking ending to life.The score marks Greenwood’s first collaboration with the director Jane Campion and a third Oscar nomination for Best Score. While Greenwood is no stranger to praise from critics, his work has yet to win an Oscar. However, 2022 could very well be his year.

Master (2012)

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In the first second of Paul Thomas Anderson Grandmasteryou will hear the amazing plucking of the stringed instruments, setting the scene for a very lost soul​​​ Joaquin Phoenix. quirky and punchy, Master’s Scoring is fun but disturbing. As the movie continues, you’ll follow the journey of a physically unwell person trying to find his place in life, like a sheet music that never settles, never finding a smooth melody. Grandmaster Marking Greenwood’s second collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson, it cements his partnership with the director as both a key darling and the perfect partner for the artist.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

Licorice Pizza Alanaheim Cooper Hoffman
Image via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

One of Greenwood’s most melodic and romantic works.sweet, semi-autobiographical Licorice Pizza A little off for Paul Thomas Anderson and Johnny Greenwood.Usually, Greenwood’s music lives in a sporadic and dark world, however, this short melody composed by Greenwood is related to the inclusion of Nina Simone, door and Chuck Berry. The soundtrack feels like a warm summer day, matching the tone the movie has set from the very first scene.while at the same time Licorice Pizza Probably not your average, heartwarming romance, which feels a lot like what it means to be in love and all the pain and struggle that comes with it. Greenwood’s work captures the romantic heartache of love.

Spencer (2021)

Diana Spencer Kristen Stewart
Image via Neon

Jonny Greenwood’s third score for 2021 is stark, improvised and sharp.much like dog power, Spencer A film that takes you on an emotional journey with its characters, Greenwood’s jazzy soundtrack is the conductor that takes you on the Princess of Wales’ lonely journey.Director Pablo Laland, uses slightly unfocused cinematography and extreme close-ups to make viewers sympathize with Princess Diana’s life as she struggles to get through Christmas with the royals. Johnny Greenwood’s score was the wind under the visuals, causing Diana to feel apprehensive, anxious and overall disgusted as she tried to get through the weekend.Greenwood’s out-of-sync strings and stinging percussion are the final push the audience needs to truly connect with the protagonist, presented by Kristen Stewart.

There will be blood (2007)

Daniel Day-Lewis there will be a bloody social

The first of several collaborations with writer-director extraordinary Paul Thomas Anderson, this score is why Greenwood is on the film’s music map. His dark and moody tones, contrasted with bright strings, match themes of greed and corruption, there will be blood so well executed. there will be blood Considered one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s finest cinematic achievements, Greenwood’s use of terrifyingly unique musical style contributed greatly to what critics believe is there will be blood modern classic

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

Ezra Miller and Tilda Swinton

Lynn Ramsay we need to talk to kevin is a terrifying but realistic description of what it means to raise a budding sociopath. Plus Greenwood’s restless and piercing string vocals are the perfect match. Greenwood’s musical style lives in an emotional world of isolation, rage and outbursts, all of which fit his script and tone very well. we need to talk to kevin. One of Jonny Greenwood’s early soundtracks, in which you can hear hints of his Radiohead days. Greenwood’s unique guitar pattern on the Radiohead song “Creep” was first praised by critics, and if any movie character would repeat “Creep” in his bedroom, it was the bow-wielding Kevin (Ezra Miller).

You were never really here (2017)

you're never really here - joquin-phoenix-social

Greenwood was very clear that his music entered the character’s head. Instead of putting his own style above the film, he shapes and weaves himself into the structure of the film. That’s why when a movie has a complex and overwhelmed protagonist, he’s often called upon. you were never really here, tells the story of a wounded veteran who makes his living looking for a missing girl. It’s a quiet, restless film that burns slowly, like any other film Greenwood was asked to create.This score is repeated Philip Glass Like a signature with a dreamy and downright melancholic nature. But it’s also present in the tech world, hallucinating and nauseating when Joaquin Phoenix’s character’s wild night in search of the missing girl goes awry.While Greenwood’s soundtrack can evoke extreme emotions that match a character’s journey, there’s an overwhelming beauty to everything he delivers — and it’s all in You are never really here.

Paul Thomas Anderson - Slice

Paul Thomas Anderson makes a documentary about Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood

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