The original name of Jorge Pérez’s fourth son with whom he follows the family tradition

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Jorge Pérez and his wife, Alicia Peña, had their fourth child last Saturday, July 16, 2022. “He has arrived healthy and handsome,” says the father. “The mother is recovering and very well,” continued the collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’. The news was told through his social networks, and his followers were eager to know the name chosen for the little one.

Jorge Pérez and his wife waiting for their fourth child / Photo: InstagramPJorge Pérez and his wife waiting for their fourth child / Photo: Instagram

“And the LIGHT was made… that day in which you arrive with uncertainty, nerves, and excitement… and suddenly a cry gives way to joy, illusion, jubilation and emotion… That first unforgettable “skin to skin” while they finish getting mom “ready”… yes, you, @aliciaphumada which Valkyrie arrived from Valhalla, have shown (already) countless times how to overcome adversity, fight for what you believe in, and that you can see life in a rosy color when you give your best… THANK YOU for always being,” she wrote on her Instagram account to announce the birth of her fourth baby.

This time, with her fourth child, instead of announcing on social networks what her name would be, she has decided to do it exclusively at home, on the set of ‘It’s already noon’. The former survivor wanted to reveal the name there and not in any other place.

baby’s name

With 3,350 kilos and 52 centimeters, little Marlon arrived in the world on Saturday, July 16, 2022. This is how the couple has decided to name their baby, which, outside of the norm, follows the rule of the names of their other three children: they all start the same, with MAR: Martina, Mario, Marcos and now Marlon.

“We had several names on the table, but it will be called Marlon,” declared the former civil guard on the set of the program where he is a regular collaborator. With regard to the names of his children, Jorge Pérez also wanted to explain why they all start with the same letters: “Alicia chose the name of the first, I that of the girl and the grace of the third was to continue it. In the end we have given our personal touch and there we have our MAR family”, explained the collaborator.

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