The Nun 2 Appears in Sizzle Reel at Warner Bros. CinemaCon Panel

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CinemaCon is in full swing in Las Vegas, with Warner Bros. hosting their panel on Tuesday.Other notable films highlighting upcoming projects in their fizz reels include nun 2. This is the horror sequel to the 2018 film that will continue its popularity conjure universe.

No plot was revealed, nor a release date, but the film is in early development. Accra Cooperwho wrote the hit song malignant, is expected to write the script, which is expected to be the next film in the series. Although the original film was not well received by critics or fans, nun is a highly underrated haunted castle movie.It has big atmospheric scare, the gothic European aesthetic returns to classic hammer and universal horror, and the way it ties into the larger conjure The world is interesting.The Demon Valak (aka The Nun) was originally found in magician 2 and the legends they add to her terrifying character nun Make this Demon the workhorse of their own sub-series.

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Despite the poor reception, nun With a budget of just $22 million, it was a worldwide box office hit of $365 million.Some might say it’s just power magician, but it’s hard to make that much money just from popularity. It will certainly be interesting to see where and when the film was filmed. The original film was shot in 1952, making it the oldest film in the world. conjure Timeline of the universe.Half the fun of these movies is the setting and nun 2 Can literally go anywhere.

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The last film in the series was last year’s mainline entry Magician: The devil made me do this. That movie follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate a famous court case in the 1980s that used demonic possession as a defense to murder. The future of the horror universe has been up in the air since that film came out last June.sequel talk nun It’s been happening since that movie came out in 2018, and for a while it looked like it might be going crooked man There hasn’t been any meaningful development in a while.

However, now that the sequel is officially on the way, there’s a lot to be excited about. magician godfather James Wan will likely return as a producer, and Bonnie Aarons Likely to haunt us again as Valak.Plus, if Cooper was indeed writing the movie, horror fans would be treated like demons malignant One of the most refreshing and creative horror movies of the past decade.

You can rewatch all 7 until we know more conjure Movie world to satisfy your horror-loving heart.

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