The Mentalist: 5 Similar Series Fans Need to Watch

Who marathoned every episode of The Mentalist, certainly misses Patrick Jane’s investigations. Although Jane doesn’t read minds, he’s such a keen observer that he seems to actually read someone’s mind. Throughout all of its seasons, we’ve seen Jane, a handsome and charming young man, act as an independent consultant for the CBI.

However, the character’s entry into the California Bureau of Investigation in The Mentalist have a secret. He has a plan to take revenge on the murder of his wife and daughter. In turn, this serial Killer goes by the name of Red John.

But beyond all that, what makes the series binge-worthy are the intriguing characters. The series also features strong and sensible team leader Teresa, as well as the toughest, most lovable, Wayne Rigsby. Finally, we still have the beautiful newcomer of the team, Grace Van Pelt.

The Mentalist it’s filled with gruesome murders, tantalizing mysteries, and constant pranks on Patrick Jane’s clever jokes. All of this took the series to the next level, leaving a huge hole in the hearts of fans after it ended. Well, if you’re looking to watch a similar production, we’ve put together a list of 5 series that you’ll want to marathon.

Series similar to The Mentalist

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Criminal Minds ( Star+)

Anyone who enjoys police or crime series has certainly heard of Criminal Minds. The series has 15 seasons in total and all are available on Star Plus. Like this The MentalistCriminal Minds follows a team that investigates true crimes.

Here, we see the elite team of the US Federal Police. The behavioral analysis unit tries to understand the most abominable criminals to predict their next steps. In this process, try to stop them from harming innocent people.

The series is stimulating and holds, beyond imagination, emotion, empathy and emotions. Even with so many seasons, the great plots and constant character development kept Criminal Minds on the air.

Lie To Me (Star+)

Many claim that Lie To Me is one of the wronged series in history. After all, the production has only 3 seasons. as in The Mentalist, Lie To Me focuses on a man who is capable of solving crimes. However, in the series, Dr. Cal Lightman discovers what is and isn’t true in the criminals’ versions.

Lightman suffered a real struggle when his mother committed suicide. This has made him obsessed with body language and micro-expressions so that no one can lie to him. In this way, he uses his talents to set up a private office and help local law enforcement agencies.

Thus, he solves crimes and analyzes each one of them with applied psychology. The series is full of intrigue and challenges, with Dr. Gillian Foster, who analyzes voice, language and behavior patterns. Finally, we have the highlight of Lightman with his teenage daughter, whose relationship is one of the highlights of the series.

The Blacklist (Netflix)

Widely known among crime/police series, The Blacklist also addresses several themes that we can identify in The Mentalist. Starting with, both Red and Jane, assist the police in identifying criminals, of course, each in their own way.

Originally, the plot of The Blacklist focuses on the delivery of Raymound Reddington, one of the most wanted criminals in the world. He arrives at FBI headquarters and with him carries a list of the world’s biggest criminals, known as “The Black List”.

However, Red makes an unusual demand. He wants Liz, a detective newly admitted to the agency, to be on the task force. Gradually, we see that there is a pattern of relationship between the two and this can affect the future of the operation.

White Collar (Star+)

The Mentalist became widely known for presenting a good TV story. But, in addition to the plot, the series has suspense, humor, emotion and a good narrative. At this point, White Collar also manages to achieve all feats.

The series revolves around Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer, who is a crook in the custody of the FBI. In turn, FBI agent Peter Burke, has Caffrey on his hands and uses his skills to solve other white-collar crimes.

Throughout its six seasons, we see a game of cat and mouse, with wonderful twists and the birth of an unlikely friendship. White Collar has several exciting moments that are sure to be worth your time.

Lucifer (Netflix)

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Something we have to agree on is that, both The Mentalist, how much Lucifer has unusual detectives. In the case of the Netflix series, it becomes even more evident when we see that the character is simply no longer the king of the underworld.

That’s right. Lucifer’s plot revolves around his boredom with living in hell and his coming to earth to live as an ordinary citizen. His life on earth begins with the purchase of a piano bar, but it quickly turns into a favor exchange.

Until one day he meets, and falls in love with, a LAPD detective. To stay close to her interest, he joins the detective’s consulting team. In this way, he uses his power to identify people’s deepest desires and consequently solve crimes.

Of course, different from The Mentalist – or any of the series mentioned above – Lucifer also bets on the supernatural. Without leaving the various elements of investigation behind.

So, have you watched any of these series?

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