The Last of Us Part 1, a perfected masterpiece | Review

When it came out in 2013 The last of usthe whole world was shocked by the quality of the work done by Bad Dog. The title not only presented itself as a very exciting survival horror in gameplay, but also with a top-of-the-range graphic component for PlayStation 3. Not to mention the narrative sector, the real flagship of the production and able to act as a watershed between what was before and what came after within the videogame market.

A year later he lands on PlayStation 4 The Last of Us Remasteredversion cleaned and fixed for the new platform of Sony of the adventures of Joel and Elli. Needless to say, it was a remarkable success, completing the original work with the inclusion of the DLC Left behind and with the multiplayer compartment.

And we come to today, a few days after the publication of The Last of Us Part 1remake of the nine-year-old title designed to prepare gamers for the arrival of the branded TV series HBO. A marketing choice that has caused discussion due to the launch price (80 euros) and the actual need for a remake of such a recent work. Overcoming any prejudice, in recent weeks we have challenged the DualSense to return to theAmerica contaminated by Cordyceps to relive one of the most important videogame experiences of our life.

Find out with us if you are among the players who should prepare the wallet for the 2nd of September, the release date of The Last of Us Part 1.


Naughty Dog’s masterpiece tells the story of Joel, a smuggler trying to make ends meet in a world now in disarray. Infected creatures and humans of dubious morality have spread everywhere, making the lives of the few survivors complex to say the least. During a normal day at work, Joel finds himself involved in a mission greater than himself: to lead 14-year-old Ellie out of town so that she can be studied by the Lightsa group of people who still hope to find a cure for the disease. In fact, Ellie appears to be immune to Cordyceps and with the right research she could be the only way to save all of humanity.

Let us not dwell further in case you are among the few people who have not yet played this masterpiece. Once again, however, we were emotionally impressed by the story conceived by Neil Druckman. Every dialogue, every scene and every plot development is built to perfection, leading the player by the hand to the shocking finale. A sweet and bitter finish at the same time, which lays a solid foundation for The Last of Us Part 2title that is now more necessary than ever.

This remake adds nothing to Joel and Ellie’s magnificent adventure, but strengthens their power thanks to an excellent technical sector. Seeing the characters act in a much more convincing way, the lights fall in the correct way and the environments rendered to perfection elevates the narrative of the title, without distorting it. An added value that, for some, could be worth buying this new edition.


As already mentioned above, The Last of Us is a third-person survival horror where you proceed from area to area following a narrative with a cinematic rhythm. The original version of the title had problems related to artificial intelligence, like Ellie showing up in front of enemies, without being seen. Or like the various opponents unable to organize themselves and put the player in serious difficulty.

With Part 1 Naughty Dog has decided to try to put a patch on all this, succeeding with mixed results. The enemies appeared to us much more intelligent, organizing strategies to attack us and proving to be almost at the level of those seen in The Last of Us Part 2. The same cannot be said for the traveling companions who, albeit significantly less than in the past, still they demonstrate unrealistic attitudes. In a moment of our adventure, one of our supporting actors ended up in an enemy spotlight, without him noticing the presence of him in the slightest. A situation that was then repeated a couple of times, with the same outcome.

The developers had then promised a refinement of the animations and the inclusion of some features from the second chapter. Again, the result is a cross between the old and the new. Forget the ability to dodge, lie on the ground and the multitude of contextual animations. The Last of Us Part 1 is basically the first chapter, with the characters slightly more responsive to their surroundings. The same can be said of opponents, who react less emotionally than Part 2. However, some details have been imported, such as the possibility of a wounded enemy begging to be spared. Little gems that, all in all, we appreciated.

The Last of Us Part 1


We have already talked about it: the graphics sector of this remake is a real gem, often approaching what we saw in the rest of 2020. Approaching without reaching it, especially during the numerous sections of the game. If the videos show the muscles of the work done by the devs, it sometimes happens that the game does not surprise so much from an aesthetic point of view. This is perhaps due to the quality of the original work, not so dated and capable of worthily withstanding the passage of time. Nothing to say about the sound sector, which boasts the same (splendid) dubbing in Italian of 2013 and the same soundtrack of Gustavo Santaolalla.

The game obviously also includes The Last of Us: Left Behindbut it lacks its multiplayer component that so captivated audiences in the past. Naughty Dog, however, has decided to introduce several accessibility improvements, a mode Permadeath it’s a Fast run. The first allows players to make the challenge more complex, starting from the beginning of the chapter or even from the beginning of the game in case of death. The second, on the other hand, keeps track of our times to allow us to see how soon we can finish the game. A type of approach that does not go well with the work to which it refers, but which could still be appreciated by someone. Added to this are also new skins for the characters and the implementation of DualSense. The latter, although present, did not seem particularly incisive if not in a couple of very specific moments.

The Last of Us Part 1 is the best possible version of an immortal masterpiece. We loved every single second spent with the pad in hand and we would like to say that every gamer possesses PlayStation 5 he should hit the shop on September 2nd to recover this title. The truth is, if you are in possession of the Remastered and you think that eighty euros is too high a cost, you should probably wait before diving into this “new” adventure. If, on the other hand, you haven’t seen Joel and Ellie again since 2013, now is the right time to relive the epic story written by Druckmann.

Is the cost of reliving this story high? Probably yes. Is it still worth it? The answer is the same: probably yes.

We would have liked a few more extras in this remake (we would have been happy with the multiplayer mode), but it’s clear the intent of Sony to offer future fans of the HBO show something to sate their craving for The Last of Us. Something modern and visually spectacular. Never as in this case you shouldn’t listen to the reviews and the number you find below, but only your heart (and your wallet). If you are willing to pay to relive the former ELEPHANT at the top of its features, this is exactly the title you are looking for. Otherwise, time will allow you to retrieve the discounted title.


Type of game

The Last of Us Part 1 is the best possible version of Naughty Dog’s survival horror released in 2013.

How it was played

The title was played on PlayStation 5 thanks to a code kindly provided by the Publisher.

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