The inconveniences that Violeta Mangriñán is facing during her pregnancy

Violeta Mangriñán is already in the second trimester of pregnancy, and since she confirmed that she was expecting her first child with Fabio Colloricchio, she has not stopped documenting through her social networks how she is carrying these first months and what her first sensations were. The couple met after passing through ‘Survivors 2019’ and since then they have become inseparable. Now they are on the verge of starting a family and she is about to find out the sex of her baby, something that she gave herself on the occasion of her 28th birthday.

Violeta Mangriñán playing sports during her pregnancy/ Photo: InstagramVioleta Mangriñán playing sports during her pregnancy/ Photo: Instagram

It will be at her birthday party where those present will know if she and her boy will have a boy or a girl. They have already chosen the names: if it is a boy, she will be called Leo, and if it is a girl, she will be called Gala. For now, both her mother, her boy, her sister, mother-in-law and her representative already know what it is, but she has preferred to be surprised by her.

She is in the second trimester of pregnancy. Next summer will become Meanwhile, and waiting to find out about sex, she has revealed the first ‘inconveniences’ that she has faced, mostly because her body is changing by leaps and bounds as she herself has commented. She has confessed on her Instagram account that her clothes no longer fit her or are too tight.

things you can’t do

On the other hand, what he has made clear is that he will not abandon his sports routines, something he will do until his body and pregnancy allow it, but since he is gaining weight and his chest has increased a lot, he will have to equip himself for this stage of her life with sportswear that fits her maternity body. “I’m still wearing the same clothes to train as before I got pregnant, but I admit that I’m starting to feel a little black pudding because it’s quite tight and my breasts are coming out of all the tops. So this week, much to my regret, it will be my turn buy a couple of special training sets for pregnant women,” she confessed.

In addition, another thing that she has to avoid by all means is aesthetic touch-ups, and that is that despite having Botox injected to treat her bruxism, she cannot continue doing it because it can harm her baby: “It’s horrible. Now I squeeze even more so when I sleep, I sometimes wake up with a headache”, he said.

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