The Hole: Ending Explained! Did Goreng Survive?

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The hole: Ending Explained! Did Goreng Survive? Keep reading and find out the explanation of the ending! – “El Hoyo”, is a Spanish suspense film. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and starring Iván Massagué, Antonia San Juan and Zorion Eguileor. Premiering on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

What is your synopsis? In a multi-story prison, the food is lowered by means of a platform. The prisoners at the top have the possibility of eating abundantly, while those at the bottom are left with almost nothing.

⚠️Attention! SPOILERS AHEAD for El Hoyo!


The story begins with a man named Goreng. He wakes up in a cell with a rectangular hole in the center. Your partner Trimagasi tells him that he is in a vertical prison where a platform of food moves down between floors each day.

The platform stops for a few minutes on each floor, the prisoners get a chance to eat as much as they can before leaving. But they can’t keep anything, since they do, the cell can turn into an inferno or freeze completely.


Every month, the prisoners are gassed and taken to a new level. In his first time, Goreng wakes up tied up at level 171. His partner is about to cut off parts of his body to feed on. But Goreng is saved by Miharua mysterious woman looking for her daughter.

Goreng confronts his former partner and kills him, so to survive he must eat his rotten meat for the entire month he has left in that cell. The following month, Goreng wakes up at level 33 with a new companion named Imoguiri.

The Hole Netflix
The two try to convince the other prisoners to take small portions of food so that everyone can eat, but they cannot convince them. The following month, Goreng wakes up on the 202nd floor, here Imoguiri kills himself and Goreng eats from his body until Another month passes.

Later, he wakes up on the 6th floor with a new companion named Baharatthe two take the trouble to climb down the platform and confront the prisoners on each level to teach them how to ration food.

Finally, the platform stops at level 333. Here they find a girl hiding under the bed, she is possibly the daughter Miharu was looking for. Goreng and Baharat come off the platform to help her. and decide that the pannacotta It will not be the message, but the girl.


Did Goreng Survive? After finding the girl, Baharat dies. Goreng for her part helps her up to the platform, we see them descend to the bottom of the hole. It is here that Goreng accepts her fate and steps off the platform. The film ends with the girl heading towards the top of the hole.

It is evident that Goreng did not survive the Hole. But she managed to send the message to a higher level, the girl could exist or not, the important thing is that she symbolizes the new generation and hope that could modify something from above.

Goreng’s hallucinations may be the representation of his worst demons, they remind him of his guilt and everything he did to survive, after all, he represented the system he wanted to break.

In the film, the capitalist method of society is clearly depicted, where the most needy are left in the background to starve. Goreng managed to convince those on the lower floors that a change was possible, but the problem was convincing the people above.

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