The Famous App TikTok Gets Caught For Preventing Users From Using “Black Lives Matter” in Their Bios

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Tiktok is a very famous Chinese social media platform that has gained popularity from users worldwide. It is a video-sharing social networking service that allows the users to share videos of 15 seconds to a 1-minute duration. There are various types of video genres like dance, cooking, education, singing, comedy, and so on where users exhibit their talent.

Tiktok Prevents Users from Showing Support to Black Lives Matter Campaign

Tiktok has been a great place for users from all over the world. However, a new report showed that the popular app has some issues. Ziggi Tyler, a Tiktok creator world’s the first to discover a new problem on the app recently. The Creator Marketplace is essentially a platform for people to engage with brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Black Lives Matter

He kept getting issues when trying to update his bio in the Marketplace, receiving an “inappropriate material” notice. He eliminated words like “Black,” “Pro-Black,” and “Black Lives Matter” after some testing. As a result, he was able to edit his bio easily. Then he kept experimenting, adding things like “pro-white” and “supporting white supremacy” to his bio and having no trouble changing it.

Know More About it

Tyler says he intended to use the Creator Marketplace to “promote his history to marketers who might want to start racial justice campaigns or ads starring more diverse talent,” according to Forbes. A TikTok official told The Hill in a statement that the “inappropriate material” flag was an error. Regardless of TikTok’s answer, this is a bad look for the social media giant. It would be more credible if phrases like “Pro-White” were also prohibited, but the fact that they passed muster seems questionable at best.

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