The end of Rocío Jurado gave way to the beginning of many: the media rise of the Mohedano family

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Since Rocío Carrasco decided to break her silence after 20 years and venture into the path of documentary series, one of the phrases she has repeated the most is that “the end of one gave way to the beginning of many.” These words have become more present than ever in the sixth chapter of ‘In the name of Rocío’, released by Mitele Plus on Friday, July 22. During the broadcast of the episode, dedicated to the last days of Rocío Jurado, who died of pancreatic cancer on June 1, 2006, the subscribers of the Mediaset España platform witnessed the television rise of many of the relatives that, until then, had been in the background.

Amador Mohedano, manager and brother of the interpreter of ‘Como una ola’, was one of the first to rise to fame, offering occasional interviews on some television programs. Her daughter, Chayo, who at that time should not have planned to dedicate her life to music, also did her first steps on Telecinco, even participating in a VIP edition of ‘Big Brother’. But, without a doubt, the most striking case is that of Rosa Benito, who is still one of the chain’s collaborators today. Recently, Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila have joined, who have also carved a niche for themselves in the media thanks to their family relationship with Rocío Jurado.

Amador, the first to rise to fame

Despite what has been said many times, the media rise of the Mohedano did not occur after the death of Rocío Jurado, but rather began beforehand, when the singer was still alive. Without going any further, in October 2004, while the chipionera was undergoing her treatment in Houston, her brother and her manager offered her first solo interview on television. Amador Mohedano sat on the set of ‘Day by day’ to talk about how they were coping with his sister’s illness. “If my mother had not been sick, this would not have happened,” confessed Rocío Carrasco after seeing part of the interview.

Rocío Carrasco revives Amador Mohedano's first television interview |  mitele.esRocío Carrasco revives Amador Mohedano’s first television interview |

“My mother had what she had and that’s when everyone starts looking for a place to continue eating. It’s sad and it’s hard, but it’s that cruel,” Rocío Jurado’s daughter sentenced with great confidence. Just three months after offering his first interview, Amador decides to continue with his television career and sit on ‘Salsa Rosa’ in January 2005. It is then that he takes a step forward and begins to deal with more personal issues of the Mohedano family, as was the confrontation between his niece and Antonio David. Since then, Amador has not been silent and has continued his way on Telecinco talking about all this and more, with the sole purpose of earning money.

Chayo Mohedano has also lived from Telecinco

Thanks to the participation of Chayo Mohedano in the second edition of ‘Gran Hermano VIP’, which took place in 2005, the daughter of Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano also began to make a name for herself on Telecinco. Despite the fact that today he has an open war with the main Mediaset España network and part of his programs, including ‘Sálvame’, there was a time when his current account was supported by the income he generated thanks to his work in the company of Italian origin.

Chayo Mohedano during her time as a reporter for 'By your side' |  mitele.esChayo Mohedano during her time as a reporter for ‘By your side’ |

Chayo Mohedano today is dedicated to music, as her mother always defends, but for years she actively participated in various television formats. In the sixth chapter of ‘In the name of Rocío’, viewers remembered her work as a reporter in ‘By your side’, even interviewing Rocío Jurado herself on one occasion when the singer was already in the process of being treated his cancer. Undoubtedly, Rocío Carrasco’s cousin also joined her car, although she now denies her hand that one day she fed her.

Rosa Benito, from hairdresser to collaborator

The most striking case of all is that of Rosa Benito. She landed in January 2005 in the social club of ‘The AR program’ with the intention of defending her daughter, who at that time was a contestant on ‘GH VIP 2’. However, her role in the leading morning program soon intensified until she became a fundamental link. “They saw that their source of income was drying up, either momentarily because it was being treated or because they thought it was going to dry up permanently. They had to make sure of their way of living and that’s why I said that the end of one gave way at the beginning of many”, commented Rocío Carrasco about her aunt.

Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito at the premiere of 'It's already eight o'clock'Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito at the premiere of ‘It’s already eight o’clock’

Such was the prominence achieved by the sister-in-law who came to put aside her work as a hairdresser for Rocío Jurado. When the singer was sick, she had to turn to Conchi, José Ortega Cano’s sister, to fix her hair, since Rosa Benito replied that “Rocío, how am I going to dye you if now they do my hair”. Without a doubt, with this rudeness a character had been born who still had a lot to contribute to Telecinco: disputes with her husband, her public separation, a suicide attempt revealed in ‘Deluxe’ and even her participation and victory in ‘Survivors’ ‘. However, had she not been ‘her sister-in-law’, none of this would have happened. To this day, Rosa continues to collect from the chain.

Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores, the last to join

Unlike other media families, such as the Flores, the Mohedano have not been able to avoid the world of reality shows and, using the name of the matriarch, Rocío Jurado, many of its members have become true television characters. We are talking about Gloria Camila Ortega and Rocío Flores, daughter and granddaughter, respectively, of ‘the greatest’. Both have participated in ‘Survivors’ and both have also ended up working as collaborators in Telecinco programs.

Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila in the debate on 'Survivors 2021: Honduras Connection'Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila in the debate on ‘Survivors 2021: Honduras Connection’

No matter how much they deny it, Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores, if they were not relatives of the singer, possibly would not be on the network’s payroll. Although on many occasions they refuse to talk about their private lives, they are forced to do so if they want to continue charging, as has happened to Rosa Benito or Amador Mohedano. The only thing that interests producers and viewers are their personal experiences, not the opinion they may have of other topics of the gossip press. With their attitude, both young women forget that they are collaborators, not career journalists with the right to demand.

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