The collaborators of ‘Sálvame’ remember Mila Ximénez in what would be her 70th birthday

Max Yurva

On a day like today, May 21, 2022, Mila Ximénez would be 70 years old. Unfortunately, just a month after turning 69, cancer took his life. Almost a year since her companions mourned her death and paid tribute from what she was her home for so many years, ‘Save me’. But the memory of the collaborator will always be eternal, so much so that even the set where the program is recorded bears her name. One of the many details that make Mila Ximénez present for all of them in their day to day. For this same reason, none of them have forgotten her on her birthday.

What was his chain was filled with messages of affection thanks to ‘Socialité’, a weekend program presented by his friend and colleague María Patiño. Through phone calls, those who were her colleagues wanted to remember her: “I miss her very much and I think the whole public too, she has left us a little orphaned. Whenever I close my eyes I always see her smiling and that gives me a lot happiness. If I had her in front of me, I would tell her how much I love her,” said Terelu, very moved.

Mila Ximénez died on June 23, 2021

The daughter of María Teresa Campos also did it through her social networks with an image of the two: “I never remember you because I never forget you. Happy birthday, love! Life without you is less life! I love you infinitely and I miss you so much that everything is incomplete!” Carmen Borrego also joined her: “It’s a shame that a 70-year-old woman with the strength she had has left us.”

And Chelo García Cortés: “Mila is unrepeatable, she was special” or Gema López: “She was the genius of the set, no one is going to be able to replace her.” A few words of love and admiration that remember on such a special day a collaborator who was and will always be part of the spirit of a program like ‘Sálvame’ and, above all, of her audience and of all those who knew her closely .

Some beautiful words like those that Mila Ximénez herself had with her program on her 13th birthday with a posthumous letter. “I have always been very aware of how lucky I have been to have colleagues like you in my life, because you are not just that, you are friends… I would even call you family”, read at that time a Terelu Campos who could not contain the tears: “I will already be watching you from heaven with a smile and thinking: ‘How happy I have been in ‘Save me’ and how lucky I am to have worked on a program that has made the lives of many people more and better'”.

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