The Catholic Church calls to analyze options to elect the new president of Colombia

Jasjot Singh

The Episcopal Conference of Colombia (CEC) invited citizens to actively participate in the presidential elections on May 29, and analyze the different options that have been presented.

In their message “Participation in political life is a moral obligation”, the bishops invited citizens to exercise a conscious participation in the elections.

In this sense, they indicated that “distinguishing, weighing and evaluating the different options to exercise this right is what we call the art of the democratic search for the common good.”

“Today more than ever we need this ability to reflect on the reality in which we live and recognize the root causes of our social ills, while looking at the great potential we have to progress together. The force of hope should move us to participate responsibly in the current democratic process”, they expressed.

Therefore, they encouraged voters to ask themselves “in which Colombia do we want to live tomorrow?” “This question motivates us and gives us the possibility of engendering ideals for the good of all,” they affirmed.

The bishops told Colombians when participating in the elections “we overcome the pessimism and fear that lead us to permanently distrust each other. The shared dream of a better country for all allows us to recover citizen trust in institutions, if we manage to hand over their leadership to the people we consider most willing to serve the common good”.

The prelates pointed out that “we can advance as a country if we all participate in this democratic process.”

“Despite our circumstances, the vote is the most powerful non-violent tool that a democratic society has to determine its future; when we vote, we make our voices heard”, they indicated.

In this sense, they recalled that the apostolic exhortation Evangelii gaudium, by Pope Francis, recalls that “being a faithful citizen is a virtue and participation in political life is a moral obligation.”

On Sunday the 29th will be the first round of the presidential elections in Colombia. This Friday, new polls were published that put the left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro, of the Historical Pact coalition, as the favorite.

In the CNC survey for the magazine Semana, Petro has 35.8% of the voting intentions. In second place is Federico Gutiérrez, from the Equipo por Colombia coalition, with 20.8%; and then Rodolfo Hernández, from the Anticorruption Leaders League, with 19.1%.

In the case of the Guarumo EcoAnalítica study, Petro is first with 37.9%; Gutiérrez comes next with 30.8%; and below Hernandez with 20.3%.

For its part, the pollster Invamer, hired by the news media Caracol, El Espectador and Blu Radio, gives first place to Gustavo Petro with 40.6%; then Federico Gutiérrez with 27.1%; and in third place is Rodolfo Hernández with 20.9%.

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