‘The Call’ 2013 movie ending, explained

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Warning: This article contains main content call spoiler. But you also have nine years to see it, so it’s up to you.

It’s crazy that we’re here to issue a spoiler warning for a movie that’s been out for nearly a decade, but here we are. Our current age of streaming means that any movie or show from the past can be rediscovered and made bigger than it was when it was first released, and at any time.The latest movie to get this boost is call, a 2013 psychological crime thriller that hit Netflix last week on April 10, seemed to be an immediate hit. The R-rated movie (not to be confused with 2020’s Korean thriller of the same name) is currently in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched titles in the US, further increasing its popularity.

But, of course, this new wave of viewers means new people asking questions like “What’s that? call Also, you know, call? ” and “what did call meaning is? Don’t worry guys, whether you’re new to this movie or someone who saw it years ago and still wonders what’s going on in the world, we’re here to help answer your burning questions. You can even Say we’re here to help answer your… call.

what is call about? call Plot summary:

Directed by Brad Anderson and written by Richard D’Ovidio, call Follow Jordan Turner (Halle Berry), longtime operator of the LAPD’s 9-1-1. She’s used to dealing with difficult situations every day and trying to save her life, but she’s still devastated when she can’t help 15-year-old Leah Templeton (Evie Thompson), who was killed by a man after Jordan’s death. Home intruder murder. The call back to the teen leaked the girl’s intruder to the man who broke in. When the killer answered Jordan’s call and she tried to dissuade him from committing the crime, he replied, “It’s done” and hung up.

Heartbroken and partly responsible for the tragedy, Jordan decided to give up the job, leave a field call, and then dedicate six months later to training others to become capable 9-1-1 operators. But when rookie operator Brooke (Jenna Lamia) can’t handle an intense high-voltage call from kidnapped teen Kathy Wilson (Abigail Breslin), Jordan is forced to take charge, thereby turning the experience over The rich veteran pulls to the highest stakes and has a career of tough rescue attempts to save Casey’s life.

Jordan tried to trace Casey’s call, but couldn’t because it was from a burner phone. All she knew was that a man named Michael caught Kathy in the mall parking lot and locked her in the trunk of his car. While Casey was still on the phone, Jordan asked her to knock out one of the car’s taillights to make it easier to find the car and signal to those around her that she was in trouble. It seemed to work when a woman saw Casey’s arm before dialing 9-1-1 with a GPS-traceable phone, but Michael took the chance and quickly avoided a potential arrest.

Jordan refused to give up, hearing that Casey had found a can of paint in the trunk and instructed her to pour the paint from the broken light to get attention. it works! Another driver, Alan DeNardo (Michael Imperioli), notices the paint and goes to help Casey. success? Unfortunately, no, as Michael moved quickly to knock Alan down, stuffing him and Casey into the car and eventually stabbing him to death. Not long after, when they stopped at the gas station, Casey tried to ask for help, but Micael, the eternal buzz, got rid of the attendant who noticed Casey’s request by burning him alive.

When Ellen and Casey finally arrive at the former’s destination, he finally discovers Casey’s burning phone, and she’s been on the phone with 9-1-1. After taking it away, he hears Jordan tell him that the police know his identity, Michael Foster (Michael Eklund), and advise him to turn himself in. But when the only response before he hung up was “it’s done”, Jordan was faced with the dire realization that Michael was the same man who killed Leah months earlier, and it’s a big deal for the former emergency operator. Say it’s more personal.

It looks like Michael is cornered, but things only get crazier from here, folks (which is probably why people have so many questions about the ending).

what is call Ending explanation?

Led by Jordan’s boyfriend, Officer Paul Phillips (Maurice Chestnut), police raid Michael’s home only to find the criminal’s wife and children. Paul sees a photo of Michelle’s sister, finds that she and Kathy look strikingly similar, and also learns that while the house in the photo has been burned down, a nearby cottage still exists. A police search of the hut turned up nothing, so they left, but Jordan sensed something was up and went to the hut herself, where she found many pictures of Michael and his sister, who was confirmed to have leukemia.

As Jordan left, she recognized the sound from a nearby flagpole as the one she heard at the end of the call, which led her to start looking for Casey, who she now knew was nearby. She eventually found a cellar door hidden in dirt where the burnt house once stood, accidentally dropping her phone into the hole. When venturing down to get it back, something very disturbing about Michael becomes clear: He has romantic feelings for his sister and becomes very depressed after she dies of cancer. He has a prop head, which he has always regarded as his sister. He has been scalping and killing young girls with blond hair similar to his sister in search of a scalp to match the hair she lost while undergoing chemotherapy.

In the midst of it all, Michael is torturing Casey. When he went to scalp her, they were spotted by Jordan, which resulted in a melee where Casey stabbed Michael in the back with scissors, two women pushed him into the cellar (thus rendering him unconscious), and tied him in on the chair. Michael eventually woke up, only to be told he would be left here to die. They had drawn up a plan claiming that Casey had escaped and Jordan found her in the woods, leading everyone to conclude that Michael got up and disappeared.

Back in the corner, Michael taunts and berates the women, and ends up begging for his life like a sad, desperate creature. He tells them they can’t do this to him, to which Jordan replies epicly, “It’s done,” before locking the door and letting him die. So maybe not the happiest ending, but at least a sweet, sweet retribution for Jordan and Casey who can walk away and live free and forever free from their shared torment.

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