The Big Mouth Season 5 Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need to Know

Lakshay Saini

The Big Mouth is an animated show which is quite famous among kids and teens. This show contains 4 seasons till now which is easily available on Netflix. The basic plot-line of this animated show is based on a teenager who is going to hit puberty and develops different thoughts in his mind regarding adult life and the future. Check out this article to know everything about season 5 of The Big Mouth.

Big Mouth

Let’s Recap

In the previous seasons, the introduction and basic life of the lead animated character have gained pace. In season 1 and season 2 lead character Andrew was struggling with his thoughts on puberty and adult life. A nightmare got stuck in his mind which always disturbs him regarding his future life. In season 3 and season 4, makers portrayed every single problem that a teenager has to face in his life which automatically gained publicity among the teens.

Expected Cast and Release Date

The Big Mouth is an animated show which doesn’t need actual human faces to play the role. Only the voice is needed for the character to run the show. The voice artists who gave their voice in previous seasons are coming back to deliver this friendly voice once again. The release date of The Big Mouth Season 5 has not been released yet. Due to the pandemic, the release date of season 5 is postponed several times which makes the fans wait for their favorite animated show.

Expected Fan Plot-line

The previous season ended with the fight between two good friends and other depressing factors taking over the kids like overthinking, sexual constraints, identity problems, etc. in this season, we can expect to see the comeback of some old villains which strengthen the friendship and individual character of the leads.

Big Mouth


The release date is not revealed yet by the makers. Fana has to wait for its official announcement. We can expect to see season 5 before the end of 2022.

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