The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

Himanshi Gupta

Netflix is known to be the ultimate hub for movies across the world. From English to French to Arabic and even Portuguese, cinema from all languages finds its place in the Netflix library. Speaking of which, Portuguese cinema is still a newfound genre and has some interesting insights to offer in their world.

Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

Back and Forth

The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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Each new street is brimming with an undertaking that you didn’t expect. This is perhaps the best thing about voyaging. You meet new individuals, take in things from them that can end up being the existing exercise you generally required. ‘Back and Forth’ recounts the account of a man who leaves on an excursion with her child to take him to reignite his relationship with his repelled mother. In transit, be that as it may, they meet a gathering of youthful phone salespeople and choose to take a diversion with them.

Couples Counseling

O Amor no Divã: The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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Life is a nonstop learning experience. Regardless of what age you’re at, there is continually something that can occur and instruct you what you had never considered. Remember this! At the point when you’ve worked for quite a while in a similar field, you may imagine that you know a lot of things, if not all that matters, about the work. Be that as it may, it just takes one undertaking to challenge your insight. ‘Couples Counseling’ recounts the account of a prepared relationship advisor who has helped many, numerous individuals. Be that as it may, at some point, she runs over a couple who cause her to dissect her own life.


Jonas: The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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Set in Sao Paulo, ‘Jonas’ recounts the narrative of a kid and a young lady who’s been infatuated with one another since adolescence. In spite of their shared fascination, they have been kept separated by friendly obstructions. A long time later, they rejoin at a festival and find that whatever their present quandary maybe, they actually love one another. During the festival, the kid accomplishes something terrible and requirements to flee to guard himself. She is in peril by affiliation, so he captures her. With just each other in their sights, stowing away in where nobody will even consider looking, the kid and the young lady need to choose what it is they truly need from one another.

Operações Especiais

Operações Especiais: The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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At the point when you serve in law implementation, you build up the propensity for associating everybody with something. At the point when you are an individual from an enemy of defilement crew, you will scrutinize the honesty of everybody in your group, since no one can tell how individuals will end up. Francis is a tenderfoot cop and she is sent as a piece of the group that is appointed with the examination of the wrongdoing and debasement in a modest community. While at first they are invited for their endeavors, soon the town starts to show bigotry towards them. What’s the significance here for the cops? The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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Innovation has made the world a more modest spot. It unites individuals from all edges of the world, from varying backgrounds. The lone disadvantage is that these virtual associations can scarcely coordinate with the degree of genuine ones. Katrina is a style blogger. Excellent and effective, she needs somebody who can see her as different from her vocation and acknowledge her for her genuine self. Unexpectedly, she discovers this association on a virtual stage with Fernando, a computer game blogger. Their collaborations start to come to fruition of something genuine. And afterward comes an opportunity to meet eye to eye. Will reality meet assumptions?

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain: The Best Top 5 Portuguese Movies on Netflix

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Set in 1978, ‘Bald Mountain’ recounts the narrative of two companions who give everything to have influence and cash. Juliano and Joaquim are dearest companions who set out of Sao Paulo to Amazon looking for something that will make them rich beyond anything they could ever imagine. In any case, “life is the thing that happens when you are caught up with making arrangements”. Their excursion drives them to an objective that isn’t what they had expected for themselves. Dreams include some significant downfalls. What will they need to pay?


While a lot of people think that Portuguese movies are all about action, well they are not. They offer a huge variety of every spice here and there. No matter what kind of movies you like, you will always find something of your taste bud with a twist in the Portuguese cinema on Netflix.

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