‘The Batman’ Reveals Deleted Scene Featuring Barry Keoghan’s Joker


‘The Batman’ continues to add millions in theaters around the world. At this time, the Matt Reeves film has already grossed more than 600 million dollars worldwide. In our country it accumulates 8 million euros. It still has room to continue to succeed on the big screen before it comes out in home format or on HBO Max (expected next month). But Reeves has revealed one of the film’s best-kept secrets.

During filming it was announced that Barry Keoghan would be part of the cast led by Robert Pattinson. However, his character was discarded on the cutting room floor. Although, as we saw in theaters, we were left with a scene towards the end in which we see him conversing in Arkham Asylum with Enigma (Paul Dano). Although we didn’t get to see him much or very well, it was quite clear that, as rumored, Keoghan’s role was that of the Joker.

Matt Reeves has released a deleted scene from the film through the viral website that appears in the credit titles, rataalada.com, starring Batman and the Joker. Bat Man goes to Arkham to ask his archenemy for help because he is not managing to stand up to Enigma. “You like puzzles, huh?” The Joker gets to say at one point, ending by blurting out to Batman, “I think deep inside you’re terrified because you’re not sure. You think they deserved it,” referring to the Riddler’s victims. He looks like we’ve heard the Joker laugh in multiple iterations of him, but Keoghan does a terrific job of giving us goosebumps.

Will the Joker return?

We still don’t know if ‘The Batman’ will have a sequel, although the box office data, the reception from critics and fans and the great plans to expand the universe of this Gotham with spin-offs on HBO Max are a very good bat-signal. We also don’t know if the Joker will have any kind of role in the future of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, as the movie, as we see in the deleted scene, has chosen to leave out how the Dark Knight captured his nemesis and locked him in the psychiatric. But this clip, without a doubt, leaves you wanting more.

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