‘The bad guys’ announces their voices in Spanish, with Sara Carbonero, Santi Millán or Nil Ojeda


Nobody is as bad at trying to be good as ‘The Bad Guys’, a team of bandits starring in the new action comedy from DreamWorks, an animated film that is an adaptation of the book series of the same name signed by Aaron Blabey. On March 18, this film directed by Pierre Perifel, an animation veteran thanks to his work on ‘Kung Fu Panda’, opens in Spanish cinemas; which in its original version has very powerful voices.

Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos and Awkwafina make up the main cast that we already know who will be headed in our country. Universal has just confirmed that Sara Carbonero, Santi Millán, Joaquín Reyes, Pedro Alonso, in addition to the influencers Nil Ojeda and Gemita, will lend their voices to the protagonists of this film for which the aforementioned studio has wanted to bet on relevant figures, a strategy that shares with other Spanish distributors.

Pedro Alonso will play Mr. Snake, Santi Millán will play Mr. Shark, Nil Ojeda will play Mr. Piraña, Gemita will play Miss Tarantula, Sara Carbonero will play reporter Tiffany Peluchi, and Joaquín Reyes will play Professor Marmelada.

Gone is the generous list of examples in this regard, some more fortunate than others; who were joined more recently by ‘The Mitchells against the machines’, ‘Memories of Idhún’ or ‘Space Jam: New Legends’, whose decision to include Lola Índigo generated an angry controversy.

We don’t know how the voices in Spanish of ‘The Bad Guys’ will materialize, but what is clear is that they will have to put their batteries to follow the action of this film that, according to Perifel himself, would be “a kind of version of Tarantino or from movies like ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ or ‘Baby Driver’, only for family audiences. It was a story that I wanted to tell since I saw the cover of the first book. Those characters dressed in black with an orange background… It made me think of a version of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ with animals.”

The Types… good?

Sleek pickpocket Mr. Wolf, safe deposit expert Mr. Snake, cool master of disguise Mr. Shark, hot-tempered Mr. Piranha, and witty genius hacker Ms. Tarantula (nicknamed ‘Nets’) make up the gang of ‘The Bad Guys’, friends who get into trouble when, after years of pulling off successful heists and being the most wanted bad guys on the planet, they end up booked. Then Mr. Wolf manages to reach an agreement (which he has no intention of respecting) to prevent them from being thrown in jail: The Bad Guys will try to be good following the instructions of their new mentor, Professor Jam, an arrogant but lovable guinea pig.

The plan from the start is to trick and convince everyone that they have become exemplary citizens. But after a while, the deception begins to turn into something else for Mr. Lobo, who suspects that being good could bring him what he has always wanted: to be accepted. Everything gets complicated when a new villain appears to threaten the city. Will this bunch of thugs end up leaving his Dark Side behind?

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