The attitude of Ana María Aldón after leaving her representative: ‘I found out on television. I haven’t heard from her for 15 days’

Max Yurva

Something is happening with Ana María Aldón. Since her husband, Ortega Cano, called ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ live to ask his wife and daughter, Gloria Camila, to stop talking about him on television and allow him to lead his life as he pleased , the designer decided to put land in between and disappear from the media. It was then that, for the last time, the ‘Viva la vida’ collaborator contacted her representative, Marc Florensa, to let him know that she was leaving Madrid to spend a few days in Cadiz and El Rocío, stopping immediately your professional calendar.

Since then, he has not heard from her again, as he has confessed to the magazine Semana. But not only that, but precisely last Wednesday, July 6, it was publicly known that Ana María Aldón had changed her representative. An unexpected piece of news that she didn’t even know was that, from the blow and blow, she was no longer her representative: “I’m very lost,” she confesses: “I found out on television that she no longer works with me.”

Ana María Aldón's representative hasn't heard from her for 15 days |  Photo: InstagramAna María Aldón’s representative hasn’t heard from her for 15 days | Photo: Instagram

For his part, he claims to have no record of it because the last time he spoke with the designer was June 22, one day after Ortega Cano’s aforementioned call to television: “I haven’t been able to contact her for 15 days I have a lot of love for him and I hope it is something that is a product of the situation he is in and that it is not how he is being told. I want him to explain it to me, because no one has contacted me yet, “he acknowledges.

“We have contracts and pending issues for the next 3 months”

He confesses that the reason for his desperation is not simply the fact of losing a client, but rather that this leaves a series of professional commitments in the air that he cannot respond to as he has not heard from Ana María Aldón: “I have had to notify the brands to cancel things that were already closed because it is impossible to contact her”, and the agenda was such that it is not a case of these weeks, but of months: “We have contracts and pending issues for the next 3 months that I do not know how they go to finish because I have no information about her”.

Marc Florensa is sympathetic to the situation that television is going through, which ensures that it does not have to be especially good or easy due to the resounding decision he made last June to leave all his professional obligations and withdraw from the media without further notice. For this reason, he also trusts that he will soon be able to hear from her and solve what has happened and solve those problems that do not stop growing as the silence lengthens.

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