The “army” of the Rosario de Hombres arrives in Madrid

The “army” of the “Rosario de Hombres” arrives in Madrid, the capital of Spain, this weekend and a large number of faithful are expected to participate.

The quote is the Saturday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m., in the Plaza de la Villa.

In a note published by, Ricardo Martín de Almagro explains what this event will be like, which has already been successfully held in cities in Poland and Ireland. “Finally, this movement has reached Spain,” he says.

In the note, Almagro recalls that on March 5 “the public recitation of the rosary took place in the streets of Warsaw, registering an influx of close to a thousand people.”

“Social networks did not take long to echo this fact, which left an image as unusual as it was shocking: hundreds of men, of all ages, distributed in rigorous rows like a military squad with the kneeling on the cobbled ground of the Polish capital reciting Hail Marys”, he explained.

This, he continued, is an initiative called “Men’s Rosary” (Męski Różaniec, in Polish), which brings together Catholics who pray this prayer to “protect and defend their families from the attacks of anti-Christian ideologies”.

This initiative has also taken place in various Irish cities such as Derry, Limerick, Belfast, Omagh, where the “Men’s Rosary pray before the image of the Virgin of Fatima.

“The reasons are essentially the same as those of their Polish comrades: to recover the Catholic faith in the public sphere, to make reparation for the apostasy of the rulers and return the masculinity taken from men”, Indicates the note, where the wish is expressed that this prayer becomes a regular event.

“With the Catholic faith now largely relegated to the private sphere and men being constantly criminalized by postmodern ideologies, seeing an event like this is exactly the kind of impetus society needs to rise up and demonstrate, as has been done so successfully. in Poland, Ireland and the many other countries that are about to join, that another future is possible”, he concludes.

The “Men’s Rosary” indicates on its website that the participants “are men who wish to fulfill the will of Mary, our Mother and Queen. We want to do exactly what she has asked all of us to do, and she asks us all the time. Her will is that of her Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and brother.”

They also highlight the role of men as protectors and custodians of families, following the example of Saint Joseph.

“We believe that our role, that is, the role of men in God’s plan, is to protect all those whom God has given us here on earth for eternal life. Just as Saint Joseph was the earthly protector of the Holy Family, we too have the task of uphold the sanctity of our families and loved ones”, they highlight.

Regarding prayer, they explain that the Rosary is a request of the Virgin Mary in different apparitions such as Lourdes, Fatima or Akita in Japan.

The “Men’s Rosary” is also prayed in the Ukraine, the Netherlands, England, the United States and Lithuania.

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