Terelu Campos reacts to Pipi Estrada’s return to ‘Sálvame’: ‘She is not part of my life. It’s from my past

Pipi Estrada has returned to the set of ‘Sálvame’ after 10 years away from the Mediaset world and has done so remembering old times. The now collaborator of the program has talked about the sentimental relationship he had with Terelu Campos and how badly it ended, even with a complaint by the presenter who, to this day, is still kicking because he has not finished paying.

The day after Pipi Estrada’s visit, Terelu Campos has returned to ‘Save me’ and talked about the funny journalist’s visit: “I’m glad he comes where he’s happy. I haven’t opened that story and I’m not going to open it. It’s part of the Jurassic in my life. Everyone has a scale in the relationships they’ve had. I don’t know if he regrets the memories, they condemned him for it. He hasn’t paid me yet. They took a part of here from a Deluxe. It would be interesting if he paid me.”

Terelu Campos talks about Pipi Estrada |  Photo: telecinco.esTerelu Campos talks about Pipi Estrada | Photo: telecinco.es

The presenter has made it very clear that she will not share space with him: “I would ask the TV Factory that if he is going to be a partner, they already know that I am not going to share a set because I am a person of principles. If so, the money comes to me”. Pipi Estrada commented that she had had cordial contact with Terelu Campos during all these years and the presenter explained how it happened: “The relationship began when my mother had a stroke in 2017.”

“He writes me a message and I hesitated to answer him, I’m honest, but it was a very complicated moment, my mother was serious, I was very scared and I thought it was a great lack of education that someone sent you a message of concern and affection towards My mother and I did not answer him. I thanked him. From there, messages have followed. Normally related to the “Save me” program. He sent messages if I had a bad afternoon, making a suit for a partner, “Terelu revealed fields.

After this, he added: “Of support towards me sometimes, to vent, of destruction and to let go of what I thought of a colleague and I never answered him. If the messages did not go to me I did not answer. I have never considered why “I have given him normality. It did not cause me any concern and I thought that he impulsively wants to express or share a thought and nothing else. I have tried to be as polite as possible.”

He no longer holds a grudge

Terelu Campos has recounted another meeting they had on one occasion: “In the summer of 2020, after confinement, I am going to go to Malaga and, I always thought that I did not have a good relationship with Kiko, greeting him and super affectionate and I was a little shocked. He comes to me, greets me giving me two kisses and reproaches me in a message for being so stupid and I told him that we were in a pandemic and that he didn’t kiss anyone. He sends me a message and apologizes. I have never seen him again.”

Terelu Campos in 'Save me' |  Photo: telecinco.esTerelu Campos in ‘Save me’ | Photo: telecinco.es

What he has wanted to make clear is that he no longer has any kind of feeling for him, so he does not even hold a grudge against the journalist: “He is not part of my life, he is a person from my past. There is nothing. If If there were resentment, revenge, I would develop a feeling, but I don’t have any feelings. I would never want anything bad to happen to him or his family. He has sent me a photo of his daughter, which is beautiful. I think that when one already has An age knows what it does and how it does it and with what intention it does it. You are already responsible for what you do and the consequences that it has. I am not God to forgive “.

Terelu Campos did not want to delve into anything about their relationship: “I broke off the relationship for personal reasons. That has no merit. I never deny my past because it is part of me. I am not stripping myself. I am not going to delve but that does not it means politely answer. I’m not going to go into any of this because probably someone is interested but I’m not. I’m not going to deny or affirm because it seems ridiculous 18 years later. Everyone can say what they want as He has done all this time. What you want, how you want and where you want, but you can’t find me, “he said bluntly looking at the camera.

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