Terelu Campos could lose all her teeth due to a hereditary disease

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Terelu Campos may have to face a rather unpleasant situation in the future, losing all her teeth as a result of a complicated periodontal disease that she has inherited from her family. The television collaborator has made it known herself, although without providing too much information about what this disease consists of.

Terelu Campos during the first gala of 'Secret Story: Countdown'Terelu Campos during the first gala of ‘Secret Story: Countdown’

“If it continues like this, I’m going to stay like El risitas”, she has said pulling humor, but without downplaying what happens to her. It has been from the ‘Socialité’ program that they have been able to speak with Dr. Antonio Pérez Barrionuevo, who has told a little more about this disease: “It is a serious problem at the dental level because you can lose your teeth if you do not put any type of treatment”.

This same doctor has added: “The disease consists of damaging the white tissue and, without treatment, it can destroy the bone that supports the teeth.” There are several things that could aggravate your situation, such as stress, heat or fatigue, negatively affecting your mouth considering that you have this disease.

Terelu Campos during the gala of the first debate of 'The last temptation'Terelu Campos during the gala of the first debate of ‘The last temptation’

On the other hand, Dr. Pérez has mentioned some foods that you should avoid to remedy this situation, or at least extend it over time so that you do not run out of teeth in the short term. “Chemotherapy treatments have side effects such as gum disease and other problems in the mouth. A good diet influences the periodontal state, therefore you have to be careful with so much coffee in the morning and cheers,” he said. the.

What Terelu Campos has lived

We must not forget that the television collaborator overcame breast cancer for which she received chemotherapy treatment that could have done a lot of damage to her teeth. Also, she’s a big fan of cheers for breakfast, so maybe she should opt for other, much healthier options.

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