Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego support Ana María Aldón: “She has said what happens to many couples”

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The sisters have spoken about what Ana María Aldón has said and have assured that they agree with what she has said.

Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego support Ana María Aldón: "He has said what happens to many couples"

Rachel Alonso Sanchez

11 Mar 2022

Ana María Aldón decided to open up on the channel in ‘Viva la vida’ and say that she is not going through her best moment in terms of her married life. The collaborator practically asked ‘screams’ to be given her place in the family because it should be remembered that a few months ago she showed her regret that everyone continued to venerate Rocío Jurado but she was not given her place as José Ortega’s wife Spout.

Ortega Cano himself apologized at the time but it seems that, for the time being, his marriage problems have not been resolved. Ana María Aldón commented that she would like to make her husband happy, enjoy her making plans with him and others, something that she did not like that Gloria Camila came out publicly. This has led to the belief that there is a distance even though the young woman denies it in ‘It’s already eight o’clock’.

Terelu talks about Ana María |  Photo: telecinco.esTerelu talks about Ana María | Photo: telecinco.es

Well, Terelu Campos wanted to comment on what Ana María Aldón said because she also knows her well from working with her on ‘Viva la vida’: “I agree with Ana María for claiming her space in the family, in her partner and to say what he thinks, because it would only be necessary for only a few to speak. Ortega Cano is not traveling at the same speed as Ana María, loving someone also means respecting what the other person wants. ”

Supporting the designer

Terelu Campos has sent a clear message looking at the camera in ‘Sálvame Lemon Tea’ so that Ana María Aldón would not be self-conscious: “I encourage you, Ana María, calmly, so that you can say what you want and when I give you the win”. For her part, Carmen Borrego has also spoken about it: “I have great affection and appreciation for her. It is not fair that they put her into things that she has not lived through and have nothing to do with.”

Ana María Aldón in 'Viva la vida' |  Photo: telecinco.esAna María Aldón in ‘Viva la vida’ | Photo: telecinco.es

“Ana María Aldón is a splendid woman, a woman who is very tough speaking. She has said what happens to many couples. It is a solid marriage. She loves José Ortega Cano very much and he loves her. Ana is very aloof and in the end we make her experience things that have nothing to do with her”, concluded the collaborator of the afternoon program.


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