Tamara Falcó enjoys a quiet vacation in Marbella with Íñigo Onieva

Max Yurva

Tamara Falcó is going through a very good personal moment and now she is almost ready for the wedding of her cousin Álvaro Castillejo with Cristina Fernández in Sotogrande, a wedding in which her mother, Isabel Preysler, will be the groom’s godmother and she will become one of the the witnesses.

The truth is that perhaps he is already ‘afraid and hesitant’, because after going to the wedding of two friends, they have given him two bouquets of flowers, so perhaps this time it will happen again and it will be a new signal for her to take the step and marry Íñigo Onieva. While that is happening -or not- she has gone on vacation with her boy to enjoy a few days of tranquility.

Isabel Presyler’s daughter already received the bouquet at the wedding of her cousin Álvaro Falcó and Isabelle Junot, which she received with great enthusiasm and which was repeated again at the wedding of Casilda Aguilera and Yago Antón. “By the way, another bouquet … there are 2 already!” She said enthusiastically, while in one of the videos that she shared of her you could see her boyfriend very excited about her, also grabbing her bouquet to get it to you.

The place chosen for his vacation has been Anantara Villa Padierna Resort in Marbella, and beyond enjoying the sea and fun plans, Onieva has been able to enjoy one of his hobbies, golf, what’s more, he has shared some videos and images of his time in the city of Malaga.

a good time for her

“Spending some wonderful days in Marbella”, she has said next to a photo in which she and her boyfriend are enjoying a wonderful breakfast with a beautiful garden in front. At the moment the wedding plans are not entirely clear, although seeing the illusion that both waste perhaps they are already considering it, although things in the palace are going slowly. Since they started dating in 2020, life has done nothing but smile at Tamara Falcó, both personally and professionally, without stopping having new projects in the kitchen, fashion, television or linked to other types of stuff.

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