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Now that Netflix is ​​out, many of us can live the rest of our lives in blissful contentment Rabbit Invasion: Mission to Mars, a spin-off special of the animated series in which little rubber rabbit-like aliens talk nonsense and engage in endless cartoon violence. They are indestructible squeaky toys that never shut up and keep bumping into each other. Now they’re going to Mars!Whether these geeky creations deserve the long-form treatment is questionable at best – but they’ll inspire some laughs, or let’s hope they’re real Shot into outer space? Let’s find out.

Key Points: This rabbit is not like other rabbits. First, he has an Amish beard/comb combo and looks like your ninth grade earth science teacher. Nor is he an unapologetic idiot with a hammer IQ (I bet some kind of sharp hammer). In fact, he was a math freak and a science whiz. When he learns that Big Tech CEO Frank Nebula wants to send bunnies to Mars – their indestructible nature allows them to survive Mars’ harsh atmosphere – our bearded protagonist goes to great lengths to prove him Worth the task. Shouldn’t be difficult, right? I mean, unless they’re big fans of QAnon, other Rabbids can’t be dumber.

So our guys went to Nebula HQ, where a room full of bunnies kept doing their antics: screaming, trying to eat fireworks, dancing to mindless electronic disco, farting and watching Sun Love BeachA sort of Universal PI-meet-Baywatch TV show Emily in Paris look like electric wire. Beardo won the trust of two junior scientists, who named him Scribbles, and after many false starts, finally landed him a seat on a rocket to the red planet. Scribbles will be joined by a screaming baby Rabbid, a selfie-obsessed Rabbid and a disco Rabbid in leg warmers and a buttugger speedo. They could be more annoying, or they could be less. Let’s just say their obnoxiousness inspires ambivalence.

Of course, nothing goes according to plan. The antics on the rocket turned into superficial antics, especially after Rabbit spotted the spotted, three-eyed Martians who also participated in the antics. But, as anyone wiser than a rabbit would suspect, Frank Nebula had an ulterior motive, an evil plan hidden beneath a plan that cemented his status as the bad guy. What do you expect from CEOs of tech giants? Selfless non-capitalist pursuit of scientific discovery for the benefit of all mankind?

Rabbit Invasion Special: Mission to Mars
Photo: Netflix

What movies does it remind you of? : I would say rabbits are a complete copy of the Minions, but the little white thing with bulging eyes and no nose is four years older than the little yellow thing with bulging eyes and no nose. However, I’d say Shaun the Sheep says more than any of these characters and doesn’t say anything.

Performance is worth noting: Kudos to Scribbles for staying true to himself even if he doesn’t fit in with others of his kind. For a moment, he pretended to be the average idiot Mad Rabbit, and he was either really bad at being a douchebag or a terrible actor.

Memorable Conversations: “Hmmmmmm? Bababa.” – This is probably the crazy Shakespeare we know

Sex and Skin: no.

Our opinion: Well, antics don’t make for compelling takes half the runtime RI: MTM Let flibbertigibbet weaken before the plot starts and starts happening. Not that six-year-olds will be bullshitting; flibbertigibbet is their life, and maybe in the random madness of the Rabbids, younger kids will see themselves. But hopefully those themselves will never try to eat fireworks.

My theory for this particular, may extend to Rabbit Invasion In general – short cartoons, video games, etc. – its creators are actively seeking to convey no message.No subtext, no sermons, no lessons on civic duty, like the self-righteous shit paw patrol. maybe Mars mission Relive the satire of the Big Tech CEO as a cartoon villain from the 1980s TV series. But I assert that these things are by-products of my 11+ years.

Our phone number: Rabbit Invasion: Mission to Mars It’s jabberwocky for jabberwocky’s sake. If that appeals to you, do STREAM IT after you get off the elementary school.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at

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