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Netflix Saved by Ruby is the second super cute hero dog K-9 story to air in the past week or so after Channing Tatum and the dog movie dog. Unlike Tatum vehicles, Saved by Ruby is a BOATS (based on true story) movie and also a short story based on a book written by the author, all these names flash in the credits so fast that you can’t read them all – the writer always gets the shaft, don’t not ? But still frolicking in real life, Ruby is a former shelter puppy who grew up to be a member of the Rhode Island State Police K-9 unit. Oh no, you might be thinking, is this one of those inspirational movies? Yes it is, in the end, you will cry or die.

“Saved by Ruby”: Stream or skip?

Key Points: This border collie – how wild. Her name is Ruby. She has been adopted seven times and is now eight. Her continued stay at the shelter means employee Pat (Camille Sullivan) has grown fond of this looping bitch, and we get to see her in a montage that spoils everything.The owner wants to euthanize the dog, but before that we meet Dan O’Neal (Grant Gustin) flash TV series), a state trooper who tries and fails to gain a spot in the K-9 unit. How many times has he tried and failed? Well, this will be his eighth attempt, because the Lord works in mysterious ways, especially when he has screenwriter guidance.

So you see what the Hand of Fate is about to play in this movie. Dan is really a good guy, a good cop and husband to Melissa (Kyla Zander) and a good dad to a toddler, but all he really wants to be is a good dog cop dad. Why, you might ask? What, can one not have dreams or something? Do movie characters need to be fully fleshed out to inspire our empathy? Especially someone who walked into a shelter and snatched this distressed border collie? His goal is to turn Ruby into a sniffer for drugs and criminals and (gulp) human remains, which is pretty ambitious. This dog is so insane and eager to shit on the floor that even training her to sit for a second may require more alchemy than it takes to turn a mouse into a manatee.

But Dan has overcome his anxieties and failures to become the good citizen and family man he is today, so he digs deep and pays high attention to Ruby. There are some characters who encourage him along the way, including Matt Zarella (Scott Wolff), the tough but encouraging head of the K-9 unit, and a mysterious old Irishman and K-9 watcher devotee/devotee (Tom McBeth), who shows that whenever the plot calls for him to offer some inspirational advice that often sounds like looming faith-based film messages. By the way, will Ruby, who is as cute as shit, overcome the odds to become a dog cop? Assuming that happens (no spoilers), how many Timmy will she rescue from being trapped in the well? (No spoilers, I say.)

What movies does it remind you of? : Well, if Ruby starred with Jim Belushi, she would look like Lacy K-9

Performance is worth noting: Two border collies named Bear and Shiloh play Ruby and are great dogs. I hope they get paid for a whole bunch of jerky, fresh raccoon leaves rolling around on the ground, and lots of nice head slaps.

Memorable Conversations: Two script-based instances strongly suggest Saved by Ruby A bit about believing in a Christian God:

Melissa likes her man in uniform: “The higher the hat, the closer you are to God!”

Wise old man: “Now have One wink above! “

Sex and Skin: no.One’s feeling is Saved by Ruby The suggestion that Dan had to have sex with Melissa to get pregnant might offend her.

Our opinion: Interesting facts about Saved by Ruby: It was directed by Katt Shea, who directed the 1992 Scandal-Bullshit-Drew-Barrymore-Nude Movie poison ivy. so you can’t accuse her of not having a range, considering this dog story is the latest faith-based movie with a much lighter hand than one where one football team prays harder than another and wins the game as a result, or Kirk Cameron was walking through the forest and stumbled across a huge cross hanging in a ray of golden sunlight. (Both are real scenes from actual movies, which I can confirm do exist.)

Do not, ruby The story of one of the little miracles that sometimes happens in real life, though some of us prefer to call it a happy coincidence (the real-life Ruby is indeed a shelter puppy on the verge of falling asleep). Thankfully, it doesn’t poke our skulls with biblical verses or indulge in clichés about pet owner dynamics embroidered on pillows by who saved who.

Granted, the film isn’t groundbreaking at all.We got the usual anti-suspense sequence where we tried to get the dog not to flake so she could pass this or that official K-9 test (some of you might even be praying like Dan seems to do), and the ending Pushing the idea of ​​happy coincidences into ridiculous, manipulative Schmalz territory (blame former mechanic screenwriter for that idiot). Its technical structure is also amateurish—much of the film appears to have been edited with crude tools carved out of stone by capable people—but it’s nothing but arrogant critics sniping. It’s a short, sweet 90-minute movie you can watch with kids, grandparents, or anyone, most of whom will appreciate its light human drama and some innocent laughter. But go to hell with the people — we’re here for the dogs, and we’ve got a lot of them, so the movie hits its modest goals.

Our phone number: Don’t take your love to town when you have ruby right here. Streaming.

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Read more of his work at

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