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One Piece: The Last Royal Treasure (Netflix) was a success at the Korean box office when it opened in South Korea earlier this year. It’s a sort of sequel (horizontal remake?) pirateThe 2014 hit also blends domineering, seafaring adventures with era-fighting action and dynastic power struggles, offering a thriving mix of exciting swordplay, mysterious treasures, scheming villains and witty answers.

Key Points: In 14th-century Joseon, as the Goryeo Dynasty began to crumble, a group of rebellious Joseon generals plundered the royal treasure and fled to the high seas. Where they went with their loot is unknown, and as the story became legend, pirates, bandits and soldiers all scrambled to find and possess it. There, we meet Oh Mok Ji (Kang Ha Neul), a charismatic thief. When he and his men get stranded by floating objects in the ocean, they are rescued by pirate captain Hae Rang (Han Hyo Joo) and her crew. During an altercation with a passing Japanese ship, Wu and Hai Rang were given a map that had originally been made for one of the North Korean traitors. With the heartfelt help and foolish interference of a crew mixed with bandits and pirates, a crew that includes car-mouth Mak-yi (Lee Kwang-soo), pickpocket Hae-geum (Chae Soo-bin), dramatic first mate A-gwi (Park Ji-hwan) A scene for the treasure with the quiet warrior Kang-seop (Kim Sung-woo), the captain and the thief.

Wu Muchi actually likes to distinguish “thief” from his favorite professional title “good bandit”. His talent for mischief was complemented by his swordsmanship, and he quickly became the perfect foil for the brave, resourceful and confident Captain Helen. They need to be careful with their backs, though, because they’re not the only ones worth cherishing on the road. The haunted villain Bo Heung-soo (Kwon Sang-woo) and his bloodthirsty mercenaries are also stalking the pillage. Not only that, but Boo and Oh’s bad blood can be traced back to the Goryeo War.

The action flies between open water and landing as pirate bands compete with bad guy mercenaries. The captain and the robber found themselves getting closer. Mysterious clues are discovered, and secret sea caves are explored. Flashbacks reveal more about Wu and Bu’s bloody rivalry. It all inevitably leads to a showdown on a mysterious lost island, where deadly booby traps and peeling lightning block the path to wealth.

Pirates The Last Treasure Netflix Streaming
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What movies does it remind you of? pirate (2014) has a completely different cast, but shares its DNA The Last Royal Treasure Two very similar films were made. They’re like cousins, not sequels.While the film series ended up being inundated by the Disney marketing giant, it’s worth remembering how delightful the first was Pirates of the Caribbean Movies really are.

Performance is worth noting: Han Hyo Joo plays the brave and brave Captain Hae Rang.She also has the best wardrobe The Last Royal Treasure – Her silver bracers are not only stylish, but also fend off the wrong sword strike – get the best weapons, curved deadly daggers, and lots of great one-liners.

Memorable Conversations: Hai Rang calmly dealt with Wu Muchi’s mild disagreement. She knew he knew it was her way or the highway. “Just as there is only one sea god, so there can be only one captain. Every day is a war for us. Two captains only bring chaos.”

Sex and Skin: no.

Our opinion: Adventurous sea adventures are no longer common in filmmaking, but perhaps they should be, if only for more intense hand-to-hand combat on the decks of sombreros. And don’t forget a hero bridging the gaps between the ships as he swings on the line, drops his body into the center of the brawl, punches and kicks sea monsters and barnacle eaters, and the vanquished tumbles overboard or grabs them off. Wounds when entering the cabin. One Piece: The Last Royal Treasure Several brilliant deck battles and thrilling endings fill this with swinging lines, sword collisions, powder keg explosions, and cannon-destroying railings.Combine this flair for action with a lighthearted tone that never quits fighting, and treasure Become a fun Korean period sea adventure you never thought you’d fall in love with.

“Meaning is as deep as the sea, but courage is hidden in darkness.” Beware of “Hygir Island” and “Sea Caves Under the Rocks Without Shadows.” After all, what is an epic adventure without mysterious inscriptions and ominous feelings? treasure Containing all of this between ruthless banter and plenty of piracy, even mastering a little while the captain and her chief build breathing apparatus from inflated pig bladders and wave themselves through raging underwater rivers 14 The technological magic of the century. This all makes the classic form really fun, and it’s wise not to take it too seriously.

Our phone number: Streaming. Swordsmanship on the deck of a battleship? Treasure Map? A mysterious island shrouded in a terrifying storm? One Piece: The Last Royal Treasure Has everything and a charismatic cast.

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