Stranger Things: the 10 most impactful deaths of the series so far

Stranger Things is one of the most popular series in the history of Netflix. However, something that fans have already gotten used to is that the creators always leave some characters along the way. Some of the deaths throughout the series were impactful enough for fans.

the fourth season of Stranger Things arrived recently on Netflix and kept that writing. Once again, the series has proven that even when we fall in love with the characters, they can be close to leaving.

Launched in 2016, the Netflix original production already has a date to end. The fifth season is scheduled to be released in 2024 and certainly, some favorite character could die in the episodes.

Well, along these journey, ten characters left us and some of them, quite precociously. If you don’t remember all the deaths that have occurred so far in Stranger Things, check out in this article, the most impactful deaths of the series so far. (Via ScreenRant).

The most impressive deaths in Stranger Things

10. Benny Hammond

At the very beginning of the series, there was a terrible death that shows why Stranger Things he came. The death of the character Benny Hammond, the restaurant owner who helped El (Eleven), when she escaped from Hawkins’ lab.

Due to his kindness to El (Eleven), his death became quite emotional. Although the character only stayed for a short time in the series.

9. Martin Brenner

Fans believe that Martin Brenner would have died after the show’s premiere season, but the character returned in season four being arrogant again, ignoring El’s wishes.

As can be seen in the eighth episode of Stranger Thingshis death becomes very memorable, as Martin asks the protagonist for her forgiveness on his deathbed and was refused.

8. Alexei

The series has already proven that it loves introducing new characters to kill them off in the future and that’s what happened with Alexei. He arrived in the third season as a simple prisoner of Joyce and Hopper, but quickly became the big darling of fans of the production.

His relationship with Murray was one of the highlights of his appearance, in addition to exerting a strong attraction for American products, he ends up dying in the same season in which he was introduced in the series, in a totally impactful way.

7. Eddie Munson

Eddie arrived on the series in the fourth season of Stranger Things and captivated fans of the production from the first episode with his unusual manner, as well as his relationship with the boys of the famous Club Hellfire. On the other hand, the character did not have a very good ending. He died in the same season as did Alexei for example.

The character was sacrificed saving Hawkins from the villain Vecna, it was certainly one of the highest points of the season, along with the whole environment where his death takes place, it had an impactful soundtrack and made this one of the most difficult goodbyes of the series.

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

6. Barb Holland

Fans were first and foremost completely taken aback by deaths throughout the 1st season of Stranger Things . The series has already started in an impactful and very mysterious way with the disappearance of Will. One of the deaths that surprised in the first season was that of Barb, Nancy’s friend. She died as a warning to the residents of Hawkins.

As a result, fans soon began to make various theories about the deaths of the following characters and Nancy’s remorse in the fourth season, however, made this farewell even more impactful.

5. Bob Newby

It wasn’t just Alexei and Eddie who were introduced to Stranger Things, to be killed. Bob Newby, had a remarkable and tragic end, for the fans who followed his relationship with Joyce.

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First of all, everyone was surprised at the end of the season with the character’s death. Bob Newby was one of the kindest characters of the season and ended up, ultimately, having a tragic death, much to the sadness of fans.

4. Chrissy Cunningham

Even though I expected season 4 to serve up a bloodbath on Hawkins, Chrissy’s death came early on and shocked everyone, particularly as Chrissy Cunningham rose to prominence as a possible focus of the season, later becoming a major issue. protagonist.

However, the character of Stranger Things in turn, ended up with a sad death, being a victim of Vecna, what’s more, she had her limbs all broken while she levitated.

3. Billy Hargrove

All fans had high hopes for the plot of the bullies, who in turn become good guys in the future. This is true of Billy Hargrove, but the character ended up remaining a true asshole throughout the two seasons he was on the show.

His farewell was quite shocking in the way he was controlled by the Mind Flayer. He died in front of Max.

Billy's Death in Stranger Things
Image: Disclosure/Netflix2. The Flayed

One of the most important plots of Stranger Things, It was the mind flayer. The humans who were controlled by him were called: The Flayed. This name was given because the characters ultimately ended up in a rather shocking end for fans of the series. In turn, this happens, because they were called together by the creature and, one by one, they died serving as a vessel for the villain.

1. Max Mayfield

Fans of the series recently felt another very shocking death, especially because Max is controlled by Vecna ​​and has his bones broken, but manages to get out of control in time.

However, the character ended up dying very sadly in Lucas’ arms and, even though El (Eleven) made her come back to life, she remains brain dead, with no expectations to wake up.

So which of these deaths did you feel the most impact on? Stranger Things?

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