Starfield: everything we know about the video game

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If there is a video game that is particularly awaited by players around the world, it is undoubtedly Starfield. This is currently in development at the Bethesda Game Studioscompany also known for the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls. After spending years dedicated to just these two titles, Starfield will be the first title in a new videogame series set in space. To date there is not much news about the game, as no official news has been released in addition to a short teaser trailer.

Within this you can find the context in which the game will be set, that is the open and deep space, with all its pitfalls and wonders. Suspended here is what looks like a space station. The tranquility of the moment, however, is shattered by a glimpse of light that seems to generate a devastating energy charge. The teaser trailer ends like this, leaving us to imagine a particularly complex threat that the player could be called upon to counter.

The developers are obviously trying to keep the game confidential as much as possible, avoiding to release details both on the contents and on its modalities. While waiting to be able to play it, however, it will certainly be useful to deepen what is known today about the mysterious title. Continuing the reading here it will in fact be possible to find some known details relating to game. We will then try to answer the questions about the exit date and on which ones console the game will be available.

Starfield: when it comes out and on which consoles

After years of silence about it, Starfield now seems close to being distributed. According to some sources, in fact, Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 I am PC and Xbox Series X | S, and will be available on Game Pass from day one.

However, the console exact for which the game will be available. It is not yet clear whether this will be an Xbox or PlayStation exclusive. At best, however, the game could come for both PlayStation 5 that for Xbox X / S series. It is also possible to imagine a distribution for PC Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft being the distributor of the game. The price and the necessary requirements are obviously not yet known, but will become so as the release date approaches.

Starfield: the gameplay of the video game

In an interview released on the occasion of Develop: Brighton Digital Todd Howard, director of the project, spoke generically about the development of the game, making it clear why there is still very little news about it. According to him, in fact, the improvements and revisions implemented in the Creation Engine, the engine of the game, are such as to represent an unprecedented evolution, even greater than the transition from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind to the fourth chapter, Oblivion. This will therefore allow us to create unprecedented animations, rendering, procedural generation and artificial intelligence. Reason why the title is taking a very long development period.

To date, very little has been confirmed about the gameplay of the video game. First, the developers have confirmed that it will be a title with only the single-player mode. Starfield will then be built as a sci-fi RPG, probably presenting similar dynamics to the other titles developed by the company. At the same time, however, it has been promised that it will boast a series of particularly interesting innovations within the entire videogame sector. Also recently, a survey launched by Bethesda seems to suggest that players will be allowed the ability to customize the spaceships in the game.

Furthermore, within the game, the possibility of moving through different places, from planets to space stations, should be certain, where you can find tasks to be performed or various activities useful for the continuation of the game. Being in space, it is finally legitimate to imagine that the player will have to face different types of missions and threats, from those of a technical nature to those belonging to an alien nature. In order to have confirmation, or denial, of all this, however, it will be necessary to wait for more news, as well as a more complete trailer of the video game.

Starfield: the video game teaser trailer

Source: Gamesradar, ScreenRant

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