Sons of Dune series

Dark premieres the Children of Dune series

The channel Dark that continues to grow in that market niche that is horror and science fiction, takes advantage of the pull of the film Dune by Dennis Villeneuve, to recover the sons of dune series.

sons of dune It was a miniseries that premiered in 2003 on the SyFy channel and is now recovering the channel Darkwhich can be seen in Spain through different telephony platforms such as Orange or Movistar +.

The miniseries premieres next Friday, January 28. Do not miss the date of any premiere thanks to our section: 2022 Series Calendar.

The dunes by Dennis Villeneuve is a true masterpiece, a film that will mark a before and after, which revisits the always complicated literary work with respect and quality. For me, the best movie of the past 2021.

sons of dune tried to capture in a miniseries of three episodes, the novels that conclude the magnificent literary saga of Frank Herbert: Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

The series came at the dawn of what we know today as the Third Golden Age of television series, which began with HBO’s new way of doing television and the premiere of the first great series: The Sopranos, The Wire, Two meters below ground.

While we wait for the premiere of the second part of Dune de Villeneuve, an installment that has finally been officially confirmed, we can revisit this series, which has aged very well and is still very enjoyable.

In fact, the setting and special effects are very elaborate and show a great quality in the production design. For what makes it a very interesting series that has certain analogies, when conceiving the universe of Arrakis to David Lynch’s Dune, a cult play that premiered in 1984.

The series was directed by Greg Yaitanes, one of the brightest minds behind very interesting television projects, such as the essential Banshee, and other productions such as Quarry, Castle Rock, the new version of The Twilight Zone, Snowfall, Manhunt: Unabomber; He is also on the team for the highly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel: House of the Dragon.

The production has actors as important as susan sarandon, James McAvoy, Julie Cox or Alec Newmanwhich solvently embodies Paul Atreides already in full possession of all his powers.

Sons of Dune Synopsis

The story is divided into three parts, the first dealing with the end of the legend of Paul Atreides and his alter-ego Muad’hib, while the second part focuses on Paul’s twin sons Leto and Ghanima and their fight against Alia, the regent of the government that will force them to flee.

In that escape we can enjoy the sandworms that are one of the most recognizable elements of Dune and that will sow terror among the people who enter the desert. Susan Sarandon, who plays Princess Wencisia, sister to the troubled regent and ally of the twins.

Sons of Dune Trailer

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