Silvia Abascal reveals that she has been separated for two years from actor Xabier Murua, father of her daughter Leona

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Silvia Abascal has broken the silence about her personal life and has spoken, for the first time, about her relationship with actor Xabier Murua. The actress has attended the Beauty Night event organized by InStyle magazine and there she has spoken in a completely natural way about her breakup with the actor, about her daughter, and about her current life and how she is her health.

Leona, the first daughter of Silvia AbascalLeona, the first daughter of Silvia Abascal

“I separated two years ago,” he confessed after talking about his daughter, Leona, who was the fruit of his relationship with the actor. The little girl is growing up and her mother has shown the love she feels towards her: “She is wonderful, spectacular, she is a beacon. I don’t know what she has inherited from me, what other people say, but she is bright, enjoys, full of energy. I’m in love with her”, she assured when talking about her daughter.

At that time he has made reference to the actor, treating the subject in a normal way and showing that they both work together to take care of their daughter: “I do not plan to have more children, because I separated two years ago and I do not have time. Being a mother implies a lot of dedication. But I’m happy and I’m full of work”, he told the media during the event.

Silvia Abascal and her boyfriend Xabier Murua at the photocall for the 2018 Union of Actors AwardsSilvia Abascal and her boyfriend Xabier Murua at the photocall for the 2018 Union of Actors Awards

Although she has not given more details about her separation from Xabier Murua, the actress wanted to make it public without creating controversy. Both met twenty years ago through a mutual friend, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, with whom the actress was dating. Before starting to be a couple, they maintained a long friendship and ended up having their daughter as a result of their relationship.

your health is getting better

Silvia Abascal now lives in Madrid after the stroke she suffered in 2011. She has also wanted to talk about it and has stated that, despite the fact that she is recovered, she still has some acoustic problems: “I find it hard, above all, the sound of Madrid that more. It is not the same as the field, of course, “said the actress. In addition, she has finished showing her optimism: “It’s so much in the past, that you’re not going to protest because of some tinnitus.”

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