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Created by Yoshiyuki Tomino Well yes Hajime Yatate in 1979, Gundam is undoubtedly one of the most important franchises coming from the land of Sunrise. This is because it is Gundam that introduces realistic elements within the sub-genre of mecha stories, hypothesizing possible scenarios where humans use robots for their own purposes. The success of this brand gave birth to a myriad of parallel productions. Productions that then resulted in the world of manga, video games and, above all, in that of models to be built.

Among the works from the original material we also find SD Gundama spin-off that is called “aniparo”, a Japanese crasis that blends “anime” and “parody”. This super deformed version of Gundam was born from an illustration sent to the magazine New on the model from herds And Koji Yokoia student of Nagoya. Needless to say, success was immediate, allowing a Yokoi to become famous and the Japanese company to earn a lot of money, even fishing from a younger target.

We therefore arrive at 2022, when Bandai Namco and the boys of Artdink (Triangle strategy) have decided to bring to the market SD Gundam Battle Allianceaction role-playing game designed specifically for fans of the franchise. If you are curious to find out if this new title is worth recovering, all you have to do is continue reading our review.


The narrative premise of SD Gundam Battle Alliance is absolutely interesting, following an approach in some ways already used by Dragon Ball Xenoverse: parallel realities. Once we take on the role of our alter ego, we will find ourselves in command of the Gatheroad squadron to relive theOperation Odessafamous battle set during the One Year War. But something goes wrong and the protagonist and his assistant are sucked into another dimension. Not before having met Mikazuki plantsGundam pilot Barbato coming from the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans. It will be up to us to understand what is happening and correct the various timelines before the situation escalates.

Despite a slight background repetitiveness, the history of the work developed by Artdink has been able to keep us glued to the pad, while we tried to understand all the references to the famous franchise. This is because SD Gundam Battle Alliance is extremely self-referential and could be complicated to understand (and appreciate) for the unaccustomed to the world conceived by Tomino And To argue. If, on the other hand, you are curious to understand all the nuances, you will almost certainly be fascinated by the narration and the myriad of contents present in theArchivegame area designed specifically to explain every nuance of the story even to the less informed player.


As already mentioned at the opening, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is an action DDR where you can use a myriad of robots. Robots that can be of three types: the universalfrom balanced statistics, i Wrestlersreal battle tanks ei Snipersthink about the fights from afar. And when we say that the developers have included “a myriad”, we mean that you can drive more than 50 different ones Mobile Suitecharacterized by unique skills and a good customization system.

During the clashes, in fact, the Gundams can use with a quick attack, a special attack and different skills, assigned to the rear buttons of the pad. All with the ability to parry enemy shots and move easily on the battlefield. It only takes a few seconds to realize that you are playing a simplified version of the branded titles PlatinumGames. Battle Alliance certainly does not reach the same depth in the clashes and sometimes the action is not very legible, but the result is partially compensated by the maniacal care given to every element coming from the historic franchise of ’79.

When you’re not slicing up opponent robots, you can spend time in your base. Within it you can upgrade your Gundams, equip them with particular skills and decide which ones Company they will accompany us in battle. During each battle we will in fact be supported by two allies, with whom we will weave a relationship of friendship necessary to solidify even the affinity on the field. In case you prefer an alternative toIA of the game, the numerous missions can also be tackled in the company of your friends through a multiplayer mode. A valid addition that we do not hide that we really appreciated.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance


From a technical standpoint, SD Gundam Battle Alliance offers ups and downs. Robot models are certainly the most successful element of production, unlike environments that are often empty and anonymous. Similar speech for the sound sector, which fishes heavily from the brand, but which only in some situations highlights the action in the correct way. Most of the time, in fact, the soundtrack is limited to accompanying the player, without being able to excite him. We do not express ourselves on the Japanese dubbing, but we feel like rewarding the Italian subtitles that have allowed us to follow the plot in all its nuances without any problem.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a perfect game for fans of the super deformed version of robots, but it could convince even the less accustomed to the brand. Of course, the narrative sector makes continuous references to the franchise, but through the Archive it is possible to deepen the most important elements of the story. The action, even without reaching the levels of the works of PlatinumGames, still convinced us and the title has been able to entertain us throughout its duration. If you love Gundams, then, from August 25th there is a new title to add to your wishlist.


Type of game

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is an action RPG characterized by an obsessive care for the Bandai franchise.

How it was played

The title was played on PlayStation 5 thanks to a code kindly provided by the Publisher.

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