Scandal and Anatomy of Hard Cells

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Weekends are the best time to sit back and enjoy a great Netflix show. April will bring some long-awaited titles to Netflix viewers at the end of the month, including the final batch of episodes grace and frankie and Ozark. Below, we’ve got some great suggestions for your weekend binge, like the newly released Anatomy of a Scandal.

This week, the list of Netflix’s top 10 TV shows has come of age, with plenty to choose not miss it Ultimatum, Bridgetown, Best Call Saul, Queen of the South and more.

Get ready for the May 2022 release as this is the highly anticipated first volume Stranger Things Season four has been released.

The Best New Shows on Netflix April 16, 2022

Check out the best Netflix shows to watch this weekend.

Anatomy of a Scandal

Netflix Original Limited Series Anatomy of a Scandal is a recently released anthology drama. Based on Sarah Vaughan’s novel, the series stars Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Rupert Friend, Naomi Scott and Josette Simon .

The show tells the story of a man who is a high-ranking politician, two women, one of whom is his wife, and a public scandal. This psychological thriller will keep audiences on the edge of their seats by delving into the lives of Britain’s elite through personal and political scandals.

hard cells

New documentary by British comedian Katherine Tait, hard cells, is now ready to stream. The series features Tate, who portrays several characters in a prison where prisoners attempt to stage a musical to provide a different perspective on incarcerated women.

In fictional women’s prison HMP Woldsley, some of Tate’s roles include the Governor, who believes creativity will lead to the recovery of mentally ill Big Viv.

The six-week production run saw women rehearse for the musical, gaining confidence and friendship along the way.

our great national park

Recently released limited series, our great national parkis a beautifully crafted documentary showcasing the best national parks in the world.

Narrated by former US President Barack Obama, this five-part series will allow audiences around the world to see a small selection of the world’s more than 4,000 national parks. From Africa to Japan, Australia to the US and beyond, this documentary highlights the parks and animals that call them home.

love at first sight

Lifetime reality show series, love at first sight Season 10 has been released on Netflix. The title explains exactly what’s in store.

Season 10 saw five couples compete for the first time, with contestants from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. The couple is paired by experts, spiritualists, relationship coaches and sociologists who use scientific matching methods. The participants then agreed to marry a complete stranger and decided a few weeks later whether they would continue the marriage or end in divorce.


elite, the Spanish thriller teen drama, released its fifth season on Netflix. This season picks up after the shocking finale of season four, with additional short stories added. Expect this season to include a lot of drama, romance, and of course, more scandal.

elite Described as a soap opera, it tells the stories of students at Spanish boarding school Las Encinas.if you can’t get enough elitedon’t worry, because the series has been renewed for a sixth season.

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