Sandra Bullock explains why she wants to take a career break


In the absence of the release of ‘Bullet Train’ and ‘The Lost City’ this year, Sandra Bullock surprised us all last week by announcing that she would be away from the cameras for an indefinite period of time. Given the commotion caused, the actress has gone into more detail in an interview with Good Morning America.

The main reason for this decision is due to the fact that she wants to dedicate herself exclusively to her children, Louis and Laila: “Right now I don’t want to create anything that takes me away from being present. I don’t want to be doing many things at the same time that don’t serve to the only thing I want: to be close to my family”.

“Because of my job, I have to stay out of my house for long periods of the day. I wear them [a mis hijos] everywhere, but when I finish a 15-hour shift and get home, if I’m not working, I’m on the phone. And they miss me,” the actress continues.

where do you want to be

The 57-year-old interpreter also reveals that she became a mother at the right time for her: “I didn’t have my children when I still wasn’t clear about who I was. Now, I know who I am and I know what I’m not. I’m always growing up, but I don’t feel like I’m angry thinking, ‘I’m missing out on my life because I have [hijos]’. No.”

In addition, she ends by explaining how motherhood completely changed her vision about her purpose in life: “I think about my life before having my children and I don’t want to say that it felt like a waste of time, I just felt like I was running towards a destiny that didn’t exist. Now I’m here. And I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

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