Saints Row, strengths and weaknesses of a really fun title | Review

In recent months, we have been following the new one closely Saints Row license plate Will. The reason is obvious: in a market where most games take themselves too seriously, the new adventure a Holy unharmed seemed to have what it takes to leave us with a smile on our face. Saints Row immediately seemed to us the classic title of “mind off”, in some ways similar to GTA long standing like Grand Theft Auto III and especially, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

And so it was.

We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on the review copy of the title available starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox And PC. We laughed, put our hands in our hair in despair and laughed again. But the “simple” fun will be enough to allow Saints Row to emerge from the multitude of titles arriving in the coming months. Our personal answer in the next lines.


The plot of Saints Row is certainly not complex and articulated, but for this very reason it reaches the heart and has managed to convince us in several points. The player plays the leader of a criminal group intent on making a career with his friends. Age, gender, appearance and all other details are at the total discretion of the user, who in a few minutes will find an editor that is easy to understand, but overwhelming from the point of view of the contents. We move from deciding the design of the character to his clothing, without forgetting fundamental elements such as the icon for censorship during the nude scenes. The grotesque style of the characters also allows you to create a protagonist with more realistic features, but also to point in a direction closer to the cartoon one. Fantasy is the only limit.

Once we have chosen our avatar, we will slowly meet all the crazy supporting characters of the game. A few lines of dialogue are enough to appreciate the excellent work done by the narrative designers. THE Saints they are foul-mouthed, irreverent and crazy, but they also prove to be faithful and willing to sacrifice themselves for us. We admit that we faced the whole adventure with great pleasure, slowly becoming attached to Neenah, Kevin and Eli.


Unsurprisingly, Saints Row fishes heavily from the open worlds of the early years Two-thousandbringing every feature to excess. From a structural point of view, the title is presented in all its simplicity: collect a mission, go to the point to complete it, get a reward. Added to this are some quests more inspired than others, but the result is always the same for good or bad.

All this is possible thanks to the open world created by Volition, which does not stop even for a second to give us something to do. If you let yourself be captured by the absurd style of Saints Row, there are many hours of gameplay waiting for you. Whether it’s killing a specific target or winning a car race, it doesn’t matter: the title aims to have fun in the simplest way possible. Mediocre, however, the shooting, which offers some good shooting, but which between poorly implemented covers and a lackluster gunplay is really at an all-time low. Fortunately, some weapons are so absurd that they leave us satisfied with the final result, even if they do not manage to completely mask the defects of the game.

The same can be said of hand-to-hand fights, which are extremely simple if you use the single physical strike. Fortunately, the devs have included a series of skills to unlock and a finishing move that activates after killing a few enemies. These two elements, mixed with the rest, make the confrontations simplistic, but also damn successful. Saints Row wants to have fun and it does it great.

The obsessive attention to customization returns strongly throughout the game, allowing us to create our car and our base through quick and rewarding editing. From your lair it is also possible to manage your criminal empire through different missions that change the balance of power in the city. Nothing too complex, but it is yet another icing on a really tasty cake.

Saints Row


The technical sector, while not appearing as a real disaster, has not been able to fully convince us. Not only are the character models and textures quite sparse, but in the course of our test we found a myriad of bugs of all kinds. We are talking about interpenetrations and completely unrealistic physics, where hitting a small object throws us into the air at the speed of light and where every car trip can end in crazy ways due to the various road accidents. This contributes to the “2000s” effect and is fun, but it is undeniable that these are problems to be solved.

On the other hand, the soundtrack is splendid, which allows us to switch from electronic to country music with the simple press of a button. Traveling to Santo Ileso while massacres are carried out to the sound of music and increasingly crazy missions are faced reminded us of the good times of San Andreas and, for this, we can only be grateful to him. Discreet dubbing in English, however accompanied by Italian subtitles. Maybe not the best solution for a title where you either read or shoot, but by now we are getting the callus.

Saints Row is a flawed reboot, but fun to the core. It is not the title to approach with the idea of ​​exploring a complex production, but it is the perfect work to play while chatting with your friends on Discord. We are talking about that light and carefree game that everyone, sooner or later, needs. It doesn’t matter if the shooting isn’t exciting and if there are some technical problems, when in the end you have so much fun. If you don’t risk getting annoyed by the criticisms highlighted in the review phase, don’t worry: Saints Row could prove to be a very welcome summer surprise.


Type of game

Saints Row is a completely insane open world where you face absurd missions to reach the top of the crime food chain.

How it was played

The title was initially played on PlayStation 4, only to be explored more on Xbox Series X thanks to a code provided to us by the Publisher.

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