Ryan Reynolds congratulates the new Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell, with his characteristic humor


Following the confirmation of Walker Scobell as the new Percy Jackson in the upcoming Disney+ series ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’, there have been many comments about this casting choice. And of course, there has been no lack of reaction from Ryan Reynolds, who shares the poster with the very young actor in ‘The Adam Project’, where they play the same role but at different ages.

Reynolds lives up to his trademark sense of humor by complimenting Scobell as only he knows how: claiming that this can only mean that he is the grown-up version of Percy Jackson. “I guess this makes me the grown-up version of Percy Jackson. Congratulations Walker Scobell! You were always a demi-god in my mind.”

Reynolds joined Mark Ruffalo in the congratulations, as the also actor of ‘The Adam Project’ expressed his joy shortly before the election of Scobell as the new Percy Jackson.

In addition, Chris McCarrell, who played Percy Jackson himself in the Broadway musical, has also decided to speak out about the casting decision. “When I was elected, my mother sent me a letter that said: ‘If my life is going to mean anything, I must live it myself’ – Percy Jackson. This is my letter to Walker Scobell. Go ahead and live it yourself. You are in the best hands and we are very excited for you.”

conquering the industry

After his signing for Disney +, Walker Scobell has more reasons to be happy. And it is that ‘The Adam Project’, where he shares the screen with other actors familiar to Marvel such as Ruffalo or Zoe Saldaña, has become the fourth most watched movie in Netflix history. With more than 200 million views, the film is only ahead of ‘Red Alert’, ‘Don’t look up’ and ‘Blind’.

Scobell’s casting in the role has been met with enthusiasm by fans of the fantasy series, who are pleased that this time around, the character is the right age in relation to the books. The young actor has turned out to be quite a revelation and Rick Riordan himself, author of the novels, could not be more delighted. As he has declared to The Hollywood Reporter, Scobell has “the perfect mix of comic vis, sweetness, rebelliousness, sarcasm and heroism” necessary for the character.

The new Percy Jackson series, with eight episodes confirmed for its first season, plans to start shooting this summer.

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