RTVE denies that an armed man sneaked into the backstage of Chanel’s first concert after Eurovision 2022

Max Yurva

Chanel returned to Spain after Eurovision 2022 turned into a real star. The singer had made history in the contest with a third place -something that did not happen in 1995- and with the highest score in the country in history. Not even 24 hours after appearing on the stage in Turin, the dancer and her dance corps did so on stage at the San Isidro festival in Madrid in the Plaza Mayor, where she was received as she deserved.

Thousands of people crowded there both inside the square itself and in the surrounding streets, full of people who stayed outside, content simply to listen to Chanel from afar. An agglomeration that the artist herself had a hard time believing when seeing it and thinking that all those people were there for her, something that moved her without being able to hold back her tears, something that she had been doing since she finished her performance in the contest.

Instead, this great event was clouded days later after a fact was made public that could have put Chanel’s life at risk. This information had previously been given by Nacho Campillo, a singer-songwriter who was performing on stage that same night and who witnessed what happened: “We were in the dressing room before leaving and suddenly the police came in with a man who knocked him to the ground. sir, a little strange and such and I heard that he was carrying a pistol. Nothing happened because about 20 police officers arrived and took him away, “he acknowledged during an interview for Decision Radio.

Luckily, these sources assured, the rapid action of the State security forces made this event remain a scare and not go any further. In fact, while it was happening, Chanel and the corps de ballet were on stage and nobody noticed what happened and it did not affect the performance of the artist’s special concert after her time at Eurovision and the great reception that some of her thousands and thousands of followers.

RTVE denies the facts

On the other hand, despite the media coverage of the news, things would not have been as they were told at first. After the media coverage of this news over the weekend, RTVE found it necessary to make a statement explaining what had really happened and thus taking the seriousness out of the matter, since Chanel’s life was never at risk: “Eizaguirre has been able to confirm, through the security officers of the Madrid City Council, that there was an arrest that day, but hours before the artist arrived”, they assured from the ‘Corazón’ program through the words of María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation of RTVE.

“Several Chanel followers were the ones who warned the Police of the strange behavior that a man was having inside the premises. When they approached, he refused to show his documentation, but when he was searched it was found that he was not carrying any weapon or injurious object” , he added, thus denying the first information given by Campillo.

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